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Around here, at Holiday-time, we sometimes run into the Dance of the Packages. You know the one--where more than one person in a house has stuff on order.... and perhaps there are things in the packages that are relevant to the other person in the house. Right. So, the other day, the doorbell rings; d_ragondaughter and I are sitting downstairs, and we both race (in a dignified fashion!) for the door.

d_ragondaughter Oh, that must be...

Me: The thing that I ordered!

Us: Wait.. the thing that you ordered?

d_ragondaughter Hang on... this has both of our names on it....

It was, in fact, a holiday present from the fantastic sekiharatae (thank you Tae!!!), with books! (always awesome)

One of them had a cover that... um... well.. it was very... eye-catching?

d_ragondaughter Gah! Giant bat-winged horses are going to EAT YOUR HEAD!!!

Me: *has unfortunate flashbacks to the unfortunate flying fire-breathing potbellied panthers from the "Lord of Something-or-Other-and-Shadows" book* That's legitimately disturbing.... and yet nobody else on the cover seems to be paying attention.

d_ragondaughter: *dramatic voice* "Carousel Tides pulls you into the chiiiilll foggy REALITY of peeling-paint sand-grit coastal Maine and then hands you... something ELSE! -- the hidden world lurking in the shadows-- orrrrrrr under the land's surface or just offshore, where Black Dogs HUNT!! the night and selkies toss UNPLEASANT TRUTHS !!!! over their shoulders before diving into the next wave...*

Me: "That dress totally makes you look fat!"

d_ragondaughter: *blinks*

Me: *grins*

d_ragondaughter: ... "Oh, sweetie, you're totally fooling yourself! He's gay!"

Me: Attack of the Snarky Selkies!

d_ragondaughter: ... This is gonna be a thing now, isn't it....

*In the interest of veracity, I double-checked my attempts to visually represent her DRAMATIC VOICE... d_ragondaughter said, "Did I really sound like that? ... *reads* I'm... just going to go stand in the corner now."

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