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Weekend Conversations, pt. 1

(nb-- bracketed words are an attempt to mark out a roughly phonetic spelling)

Last Saturday:

d_ragondaughter: Heeee!

Me: What?

Her: Reading my flist; copperbadge has an entry up... "“I just received an invitation to The 31st Annual [MAYL]COM Conference & Exhibition. As far as I can tell, [MAYL]COM is like a fan convention, only for people who really love business [mayl]. There's an exhibition hall where you can learn about the latest in [mayl] technology. I could go to a seminar on [Mayl] Systems Management or learn how to secure my distribution options and develop [mayl] disaster preparedness...."

Me: Um.. wait... hang on.. could you spell the verison of "[mayl]" involved?

Her:... M. A. I. L.


Her: What did you think I was talking about with "MAILCOM"?

Me: Um... well... I thought it was... umm.. you know, like Yaoi-con.. but with business suits?


Me: Um?

Her: So... the latest in "male technology" would be....?


Her: *goes off snickering about "male disaster preparedness"


d_ragondaughter: *reading website* Huh.... interesting... "When I get [mayl] ready to sell/wear/give to someone, I've taken to prepping it a little before it leaves me."

Me: Uh-huh....

d_ragondaughter: "First, I clean it with lemon juice"

Me: Wait... um... er.. could you spell which "[mayl]" you're referring to, again...

Her: M.A.I.L.E.

Me: Right...

Her: What did you THINK was being cleaned with lemon juice?

Me: Erm... I was still getting confused about the "getting ready to wear"....

Her: MAILCOM cosplay!

Me: Well, I do like a boy in a suit?
Tags: friends, humor, internet is full of things

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