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Pitter-patter of tiny fluffy feet

The cats, who were Not At All Amused by the long car ride to the new place, have now moved past the stage of being slightly nervous about the new place, and content to sniff all of the furniture (which is from the old place), and the boxes (which are even better when they are open and cats can jump into them), and so on.

This means that they are now in the stage where they feel comfortable getting down to SRS EXPLORINZ.

Which means that, whenever I am home, I have to keep an ear out for things like this...

Me: *typetype*
Upstairs: *nudge?*
Me: *type.... type....*
Upstairs: *nuuuudge*
Me: *gets up*
Me: *dashes upstairs*
Innocent Kitten: Ohai! Look, there is mysteriously food on the floor, underneath where you put that bowl of food up on the counter earlier today!
Me: *sigh*
Innocent Kitten: *sparkles* Look, I am helping you clean up the food! *nom*
Me: *sighs and gets vacuum cleaner*
Vacuum cleaner: *LOUD HORRIBLE NOISE*
Innocent Kitten: Ack no faaaair! *flees*

Or, of course...

Me: *cleanclean*
Kitchen: *pitter*
Me: *stops*
Kitchen: *patter? bat?*
Me: ...riiiiight. *goes out to kitchen*
Kitten on the counter: Ohai! Look, you have a counter!
Me: Which is not for kittens.
Kitten: *sigh* Fiiiine.
Me: *notices suspicious white fluff-shaped patch next to toaster oven* Ahem.
Other Kitten: Oh. Hai. How are you? *attempts to blend in with white surface of bread machine*
Me: You know, if I can spot a black cat in here, you are not going to be as invisible as you're pretending.

(five minutes later, I had to fetch one down from the top of the (inactive) stove... apparently had either never read Mark Twain's declaration about cats and stovetops, or was getting the second part of the phrase out of the way)
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