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Vote for Nutter!!!!

Hi, everybody!

If you happen to also read evilpuppy and/or quoth_the_ravyn's journals, then you know that evilpuppy's adorable cat Nutter has made it to the finals of the CW "The Bay Area's Top Pet 2010" competition. This is awesome! *cheers!*

But, evilpuppy still needs as many people to go vote for Nutter as possible... and I am hoping to help spread the word.

Winning the prize would be HUGE; it would be really meaningful, tangible support for Nutter and his brother Knight (who are both ridiculously cute, btw). As she says,

"Seriously, I can't begin to say how much having a year's supply of food would help our finances, and the shopping money would mean we could get the boys some of the things we've been holding off on because we can't afford them. You guys have been SO AWESOME in voting so far and I think we can totally win it with everyone's support! Remember you can vote ONCE A DAY! So please don't forget to pop over to the site and help Nutter win!"

I would like to add my voice to hers and encourage everybody to go and vote for Nutter!!! It doesn't take much time or effort; you can vote every day, and go over to evilpuppy's journal to check out special bonus Nutter photos (heck, they may even persuade you to go vote).

The main context website is here; you can click over to "cats" and then pick "Nutter is ready for his close-up."

The Bay Area's Top Pet 2010 Contest

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