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The power of pretty hair compels you...

Right, so, very busy of... well, seminar things. Which involve reading. And lectures. And so on. It is all fantastically cool, and I can't wait to get a chance to actually use it. Meanwhile, there are some things that just ....must be shared...

"Although among the Three Kingdoms Koguryo was particularly known for its fierce warriors, Silla also developed an elite fighting group. The early Sillan military seems to have been based on young men from midteens to thirty years of age recruited from villages to do the fighting. While these village groups continues, later King Chinhung (reigned 540-576 CE) created a force of upper-class warriors called hwarang, who were young men recruited to train in riding, archery, and self-defense. The hwarang, or 'flowering youth,' were also expected to appreciate natural beauty and part of their training was climbing mountains and becoming aware of the terrain. ... The hwarang, which produced notable generals such as Kim Yusin, was one of the reasons Silla succeeded in unifying Korea."

Me: Wait... are you telling me that early medieval Korea was unified by a bishounen army???

(Local network broadcast of costume-drenched, melodrama-filled, bishie-heavy Korean historical soap drama you are NOT helping)
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