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Perfectly True Statements!

So, a while ago, d_ragondaughter, amaranthadanae, and I decided that the fanastic, complicated, many things go "boom!" anime "Baccano" for our dear quoththeravyn.

Because, you know, as it says in the review on the box, "Nothing makes the Great Depression sexier than alchemy, gun battles, and good-looking Mafia hitmen."

Me: You know, when Ravyn watches this, we should tell her not to get too attached to the cute red-headed conductor, 'cause he ends up wearing a red shirt real fast.

Dragonsdaughter: ....

Me: *sparklesparkle*

Dragonsdaughter: ...

Me: *sings* Factually true staaaaatement!

Dragonsdaughter: Drenched in the blood of his enemies' mangled remains is not the TRADITIONAL definition of the term, ya know.*

(*yes, for her birthday, we decided Ravyn wanted-- among other things-- a good-looking, completely awesome, psycho red-head assassin. Who, btw, pretty much falls at first sight for the cute dark-haired girl with the mad knife skills...)

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