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"Oh, Andrei-- you've lost _another_ submarine?"

In my continuing quest to get work done at ridiculous hours fail at resisting shiny narratives watch "Criminal Minds" in syndication, I keep ending up watching the second part of any given pair of episodes. Yeah; syndication order is weird. Although sometimes, as in this case, the two episodes are connected, but not immediately following one another. Right. Anyway, was watching "No Way Out II: The Evolution of Frank," the episode that pretty much breaks Gideon and leads to his departure from the show. Really bad trauma and tragedy and a psychopathic killer who could have been one of those annoying repeat psychos (kind of like Jack in "Profiler," actually), if "Criminal Minds" were a different show. Since it isn't, it just stuck with the really bad trauma and tragedy striking directly at what makes Gideon do what he does and how he makes sense of his job.

And during the Dramatic Train Station Confrontation, all I could think was, "Hallo. My name is Jason Gideon. You killed my love interest. Prepare to die."


(Yeah.... I'm gonna end up in one of the special afterlives, aren't I....)
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