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No, see, the point of that was NOT in fact to inspire plotbunnies....

My brain, ladies and gentlefolk, will try to turn pretty much anything into a story. Seriously. Ask anybody I've ever talked fic and/or fanfic with.

And my brain does not particularly care if the original inspiration was _supposed_ to generate story ideas or not.

Case in point: I have been watching episodes of "Criminal Minds" recently, because someone whose Flist I follow is a big fan, and I respect her judgement in such matters. I love the team interaction; I adore Garcia; the bits with the serial killers and the victims are completely terrifying. Brilliantly done, but very scary, because, well, over the course of the episode, people are usually going to end up getting killed in nasty ways, and there are very diturbing individuals doing it. So, not sure if it will be a show I try to watch regularly or not.

Anyway, last night, there was a story in which there was a family of... well, they were kinda-sorta supposed to be having originally been part of Romani culture, but then they ended up going in weird and bad directions several generations ago. So, you have the father, the mother, and the son, who is about to turn ten. And turning ten is a Big Deal, because this is the age at which a boy starts to become A Man... which means that he gets to pick a girl of his age to become his future wife.... which involves staking out a parking lot with his parents, picking the girl that he wants, and then going with his parents to her house, where they break in, kill the parents, and kidnap the girl, taking her away to essentially be "raised up" as a proper wife. Seriously; the boy is not happy that he has to meet his future bride this way, but is very excited about the prospect in general. There's a kind of creepy-yet-sweet bit where he's all bouncy about getting to decide what her name is going to be (*headdesk*).

The girl, of course, is seriously creeped out and distressed and confused, even though the family that kidnapped her is being very nice, and the boy in particular is being nice (and is very excited about finally getting a future bride!), and... well, the mother was once one of the little girls who was taken, so she is very understanding-- except of course she's been in this situation for over twenty years and is totally Stockholm-syndromed about it, so her idea of being loving and helpful and supportive is to comfort the girl by saying that she understands, and that it will be alright, because they're her family now, and she is going to be very happy with them (although when the first girl turns out to have epilepsy, the mother is the one who refuses to let her husband kill her for being "defective").

It's not even a normal serial killer thing, because this pattern of kidnapping young girls to raise up alongside the boys as brides has been going on for generations-- and at this point, if you're in the family, that's _just how things are done_ as far as you're concerned. The father has a whole "capturing war brides is a historical thing! It's how men of old proved their manliness!" speech. Of course, part of that is that each boy is directly involved in killing his future bride's parents..... and, also, you know, _nine years old_.

So yeah.

And, of course, now my brain is trying to do something with that. Not necessarily the bit where the parents get killed, obviously.... and the whole Stockholm Syndrome issue is a real problem, because brainwashing is NOT ROMANTIC KTHX.

Which means that I'm pretty much left with.... I dunno; ridiculously young bride-capturing and then growing up together? Except then you get into Stockholm Syndrome again, potentially? And, does it always have to be boys capturing girls, or could you flip that around and have girls capturing future grooms? Does a captured future spouse have to stay captured, or is it more of a provisional thing? Or does the story end up being about how the captured bride escapes with her abductor from some more general catastrophe that wipes out the rest of his family and then spends the next bit of the narrative thwacking him about the head until he realizes he was being creepy/evil? (which at least has the potential for him constantly trying to introduce her as his wife, and her thwacking him and explaining that she is NOT HIS WIFE....)

...and WHY is an episode of a show about disturbing creepy serial killer families making my brain poke at this kind of idea?

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