Jane Drew (jane_drew_) wrote,
Jane Drew

Historically settled by random Swiss people...

Greetings from New Bern! Am here a) with parents, b) with very little Internet (the complex has decided to take this time to switch providers...which makes sense; very much off-season, etc. Still annoying). Am borrowing a cup of broadband access from Dad, but don't want to use too much of however many minutes he has.

Getting here was... um.... ok, so we couldn't check in until 4:00. That was fine.

Me: Ok, checking in at four... two-hour and forty-minute drive.... leave after lunch... finish work-stuff in the morning, have quick lunch, pack...


Mom: Oh, you know what would be neat? We could meet for lunch!

Me: Ok! *mental rescheduling*

Mom: I've been having this craving for IHOP; no idea why.

Me: Pancakes, yum.

Mom: So, we'll meet at 1:00.

Me: Ok! *mentally calculates meeting at one, two-hour and forty-minute drive, finish work-stuff on Saturday, pack on Sunday morning*


Mom: You know, I was thinking, how about we meet at 12:30?

Me: Ok! *mentally calculates meeting at 12:30, two-hour and forty-minute drive, finish work-stuff on Saturday, bake cookies in the evening, pack on Sunday morning*


Dad: So, your mother said we're planning on meeting for lunch at noon?

Me: .....

Dad: I've been looking at Mapquest and Google, and it looks like it won't take us as long as I thought to get there. So, we'll call you when we leave, around 9:30.

Me: Oookaaay.... *mad crazy mental recalculating, also factoring in the weather, which screwed up the pre-baking shopping expeditions....*


Phone: *rings at 9:10*


Mom: Hi! We are on the road, and Our Lady of Perpetual Navigation says we will be there at 11:40!!!

Me: *considers running mad; decides against, as it would interfere with the current crazed packing, and if I don't get these presents together to give to people, we will never get them out of the apartment* Um. I might be a wee tad bit late.

Actually, meeting them worked out perfectly, because I drive hella fast when stressed, late, and needing to be someplace thirty-five minutes ago I called the parental cellphones when I estimated I was about twenty minutes out and suggested we meet at the restaurant... and they were just getting to the resort (where they could not check in until 4:00), and took twenty minutes to get to the restaurant. Whee.

Lovely quiet vacation so far; perfect for reading a metric ton of books on the Holy Roman Empire relaxing whilst admiring the Canadian geese strolling by the pond. We are watching the Harry Potter movies, which is quite fun.
Tags: family, holidays
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