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Never knowing right from right, or left from wrong....

Well, am at parental abode, which isn't precisely home in the sense that I grew up many hundreds of miles from here.... but if they were still living there, I probably wouldn't have managed to make it home for Thanksgiving, so, you know, not such a bad thing under those circumstances.

Drive up was good-- cotton fields are still funny to look at, btw.* Also, "Valley Protein" as a business name? Um. Yeah. That's just kinda.... "a division of Soylent Green, Amalgamated,"-sounding, somehow.

Spent the afternoon with Mom, jointly sorting through Random Bins of Things from my closet. Really random. Like, "Wow, I didn't know I still had this stuff, and how did it end up in this bin in my closet?" Plus side: found some fabric I have been _looking_ for, and also now have nice shiny storage bins. No real idea where I am going to PUT them in the apartment, but, you know, I am sure they will be organizational!

Oh, also spent the first part of the afternoon waiting on tenterhooks for the trilling of the doorbell, indicating deliveries by BOTH FedEx and UPS.

See, Dad has not been feeling well, so he went to the doctor...

Doctor: Well, it could be Infection A, or it could be Infection B.
Dad: Ah.
Doctor: *looks at test results* Huh. Actually, looks like it is both Infection A AND Infection B.
Dad: Yay?
Mom: Your father has always been an overachiever.

So, he's going to be on a full set of antibiotics.** Which had not yet shown up. After a phonecall to the doctor's office earlier in the week, the whole kit and kaboodle was supposed to show up today, one package from Pennsylvania via FedEx, and one from South Dakota via UPS.

Dad: Oh, you can just tell them nobody needs to sign for it; they can leave it on the porch.
Doctor: Sir, that's $8,000 worth of medication.
Dad:.... my wife will be home all day.

Luckily, in spite of several moments of "one of those packages is coming from the Dakotas...." nervousness, both showed up.

Mom: Wanna bet that your father uses the computer to create a schedule for which meds he's supposed to take when?
Me: No deal. Foregone conclusion.

(within five minutes of his arrival home, too).

Tomorrow, there will be festive coffee cakes, parades, appetizers, turkey, and pie. Oh, and probably football for some of the household somewhere in there.

Hope that everybody celebrating Turkey Day has a great time!

*Last Fall, several of the students expressed surprise that cotton comes from plants. *headdesk*

**For. A. Year. Yeah.
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