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1) Home from weekend visit to D.C. Cats have deigned to forgive us our egregious absence, but are keeping a sharp eye to make sure we don't try to pull this again.

2) Weekend was, by and large, fantastic.

3) Notable exception: the newly-renovated-revised-reconceptualicated Museum of American History. Argh. Weird echoey space, annoying glass (?) stairs, general vibe of "futuristic modern interior," which was oddly out of place... AND they took away the old-fashioned soda shop! *sniffle* Which was one of my favorite aspects of my very first visit to D.C., lo those many years ago-- all carved dark wood and marble counters and swivel seats and so on. *sigh*

4) Weather was decent, with intervals of rain. Very obviously moving into autumn, which is a time I am fond of (fonder of than, say, hot and humid).

5) Going to go fall over; after that, must devote concentrated intellectual effort to Very Very Important Application, which is this week's primary project.
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