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This morning, I had a tuxedo cat sleeping happily on my lap in the living room-- a living room which was full of other snoozing kitties.

All of a sudden, a squirrel leaped up onto the windowsill. Just kind of saying, "Hi! I am a squirrel!" Not stressed about anything, very casual. I, of course, was expecting the cats to freak out, because, well, SQUIRREL! AT THE WINDOW!!!!

They, of course, kept sleeping.

Squirrel: Hello?
Cats: *vague sleepy interest in the direction of the window, maybe, possibly*

And then, the squirrel, who was apparently not satisfied with his or her reception, knocked on the window. Tiny squirrel paw. Knocking on the window.

Squirrel: Hello? Hellooooooo? Ok, fine...*knock-knock*
Me: Yes, yes, you are all very observant felines.

There were instantly three cats, over at the window, fascinated by the squirrel. Who, frankly, was not at all flustered by the audience, and was perfectly content to hang out on the windowsill until it decided it had other squirrel business to attend to.
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