Jane Drew (jane_drew_) wrote,
Jane Drew

Amazon Sorting

Ok, further updates on the Amazon ranking issue (feel free to insert your own alternate noun there).

Dear Author analyzes the category metadata of what got deranked.

Making Light suggests one way this could have happened --kind of a cross between the telephone game gone wrong and the possible use of a pre-made list of "offensive" materials from a net nanny or similar.</a>

More thoughts from sbisson on the gradual process of such a massive screw-up, and the reasons why Amazon can't just hit a button and fix it

While different folks have different theories on what exactly happened, and why, everybody seems to agree that Amazon execs and programmers are going to be having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. I, personally, am leaning more in favor of Corporate Stupid than Evil Intent, frankly, because the level of clueless stupid seems too high for the latter-- and also because I can see where an originally good idea about restricting the chances that _actual_ pornographic materials would come up in innocuous searches could mutate horribly as it got passed through different levels of a very large corporate hierarchy and into attempts to program something like that.
Tags: amazingly stupid idea, amazon

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