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So, here I am, lost amongst a haze of grading.... which is shorthand for "can be distracted by sparkly lights and random bits of string," really.

And, whilst poking about on LiveJournal, I happened across a quote from what is apparently a Very Angsty Fanfic of Dark Angstiness by the inestimable sekiharatae (who is fantastic across many fandoms).

The quote involved a VERY cranky hero who was angrily snarling about how he would have sex with the heroine, but that night was all she was ever going to get from him-- dark angstiness and OOC-ness from the fact that that's not a scenario that fits with either character, from what I understand.

Short quote, but very powerful, evocative, opening up an entire vista of angst and drama and traumatic emotion and power-games and so on. Which of course means that

Hero: Fine, you can have your evil way with me, and use me selfishly for your own pleasure, but know that I despise you for it, and after this night, there will be nothing between us!

Heroine: Umm... I ... just.... needed you to move those boxes?

Hero: What?

Heroine: I called and asked if they could send somebody who could help me with moving. Because, you know, boxes. Heavy. Lots of them.

Hero: So, you're saying that I'm not here because you flagrantly mis-used your power and authority to order me to come over here and be forced to have mad passionate sex with you all night?

Heroine: Um. No? Err? Not that you're not... I mean, I'm sure you're very... nice... and uh.... look, I still have to finish cleaning the bathroom, so I'm just going to go and do that, and maybe you can call and ask them to send somebody who is on box-moving detail and not, you know, angsty sex detail?

(meanwhile, somewhere else in the 'verse, some poor mover is getting horribly confused by the apparent parameters of his assignment....)

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