May 26th, 2012

Medieval Lady

Eurovision 2012

Really quite awesome.... I would have put a video version up if I could have found it (there is a version of just the song, with a black screen, or a version with the lyrics in a very silly font, so, figured the live performance was better...)

Medieval Lady

Yeah, I don't know who anybody else would parallel to

Something that occurred to me today, watching the RK live action trailer (squeee!!) after having seen "The Avengers" and having read a lot about how Mark Ruffalo is surprisingly perfect, redefines that character, etc.:

He's basically playing Bruce Banner in a very Kenshin-ish way. I mean, you can't really say "Bruce Banner:Hulk::Kenshin Himura:Battousai," eye-color-change or not, but, seriously, the way Ruffalo plays the role, you can practically hear the "sessha."