December 17th, 2009

Medieval Lady

Buildings and Grounds

Apparently, about a week, week and a half ago, there was some problem with the sewage backing up over in the row of apartments across the creek from us. Which, somehow, meant that two guys with a small bulldozer had to come pull up a large section of the bushes along the creek, so that they could excavate a pipe going across the creek (I don't know.... I am not sure that I want to know what that means about the creek and pipes and sewage, although I will say that there has never been any weird or bad odor, and the creek water seems fairly happy).

Since my bedroom faces the back, the first I heard of it was when there were loud MEN WORKING WITH MACHINERY noises... and I looked out to see them uprooting bushes and a big pile of dirt and rocks. Eek! Fortunately, they only tore up a small section, because a) bushes hold back runoff when it rains, and b) the bushes are excellent bird cover, etc.

I only learned what was going on because they knocked on the back door to see if they could borrow a cup of electricity for part of their equipment (I think I was the only person home in the late-morning.... and considering that I was still bathrobe-clad, in the manner of one who takes care of the morning e-mail and assorted Internet-related things before getting on with the rest of the day, I was kind of "Gah!" about opening the door, but, anyway...). Apparently, the pipes had gotten buried under dirt and rocks and whatever, and they had to excavate everything before they could fix things.

Cue about a week of rain and cold and weather generally NOT conducive to outdoor work.... and today they are back and finishing up (I hope). At any rate, the back door is once again propped ever-so-slightly open, with the chain on and crates set behind it so that it can't open further. Because trust me--- the only thing MORE fascinating to cats than interesting activities out the window is the prospect of an open door they can sniff at and poooossssiiibbbllllly work their way out into a full exploration of all that fascinating outdoors from which Bird TV broadcasts on a daily basis.