November 26th, 2009

Medieval Lady

Eye spy

Hrrmmm.... so, it hadn't even occurred to me until the day before coming home that the eye irritation and redness Mom had commented on worriedly for our last several meetings is now gone. Which means that my strategy of just stopping all eye make-up use was successful (because I surely have not stopped long hours staring at a computer screen, and large quantities of reading).

That's great, in many ways, but it does leave me with something of a quandry-- namely, there are things for which it would be good to be spiffier-than-normal, and where make-up forms part of looking presentable. Needless to say, having red, irritated eyes does NOT form a part of looking spiffier-than-normal. Ergo, aside from the best course of action (*sniffle*) being to do a massive make-up purge, I guess I now have to look into hypoallergenic, non-eye-irritating make-up and invest in it.