July 6th, 2009

Medieval Lady

I do not think it means what you think it means

Dear screenwriters, scripwriters, movie writers, fiction writers, and entertainment types in general,

The Ten Plagues of Egypt were not, I repeat NOT, something caused by Egyptians. Not Egyptian gods, not Egyptian demons, not Egyptian high priest-mummy-types. Seriously. No Egyptians were involved in the creation of these plagues. I don't care if the word "Egypt" appears in the name, and is very sexy when you're trying to come up with exotic curses and spiffy-sounding foreign locations and whatever.

Seriously. It's on Wikipedia. It is not difficult information to find. If you are writing something involving ancient Egypt, I would think that Wikipedia would be the minimum amount of research you'd do. If you were feeling particularly ambitious, you might, you know, check out the Book of Exodus.

(this message brought to you by an ongoing vast annoyance with "The Mummy," as excellently fun as most of the things in that movie are, and more recently by a truly stupid SciFi horror movie with... I don't know; Anubis-demons lurking on an old movie set and the supposed expert on ancient Egypt was freaking out about having Unleashed! The! Plagues!)

ps-- also, NONE, I repeat, NONE of the ten plagues involved hordes of chanting zombies.
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