June 24th, 2009

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State of Living

Generally speaking, the apartment we live in has pros and cons. And, since it is once again time to renew the lease (and since the whole move-or-commute issue has been... well, an issue), the pros and cons have been on my mind.

The list goes something like this:

Cons: The apartment is old. Old in the bad, "things are likely to break" sense, not old in the "nicely historic building" sense. It's part of a really big apartment complex that was allowed to get pretty rundown until new management took it over a couple of years ago. We're talking, rundown to the point where repairing something in one apartment meant cannibalizing the materials from another apartment. Now, they aren't having to do that anymore, but many things still aren't in great shape. And, well, they're great about emergencies, but if you have a problem that isn't an emergency, you often have to keep reminding the maintenance people about it (case in point: they were fantastic when our kitchen pipes exploded, but then took weeks to get around to re-installing and fixing the washer). Our door, which suffered flood damage at some point in the past, is currently held together on the bottom by packing tape, and has been for about two months. So there's some concern about what else is going to break or go wrong. Most of the windows don't have screens (they open, but... no screens, which means that you can't open the windows too wide to get fresh air, on account of Potential Escape Kitties*), some of the electrical outlets don't work.... yeah.

Basically, all of the cons boil down to variations on the "old apartment, things broken or possibly likely to break".

Pros include NOT HAVING TO MOVE. Because moving is a gigantic pain, wrapped in a vast annoyance, packed into a ridiculous number of cardboard boxes. Plus, it's expensive, because we would have to pay for movers for at least the furniture (and probably just in general).

Apartment-specific pros include the fact that the location is really good (walking distance to fantastic German bakery and the Asian market, close to relevant campuses, convenient to shopping).... and the fact that it's a big apartment for a reasonable rent. Seriously; there is no way we'd get a three-bedroom, even a smaller one, for the amount we're paying here. Also, the pet deposit was quite reasonable. The folks at the office are very nice (slow maintenance aside-- and most of that is because the maintenance staff is small and trying to deal with a large apartment complex where things frequently break).

Plus, moving is a giant, giant pain.

*Not that I'm sure one could trust the screens against Potential Escape Kitties, of course...
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