May 23rd, 2009

kidding, Ryuuki


So, today was a day filled with awesomeness (from others) and idiocy (from, sadly, me, argh). More about those later (I am, per usual, WAAAAY behind on posting re: Events of Import, which then end up getting mentioned tangentially in the blogs of others, which makes me feel embarassingly behind on posting, which is true... but nevermind....).

Anyway, the reason I am up and posting at an hour way past when I swore I would be getting some well-deserved rest is because I am beset with a dilemma. And, as everybody knows, when faced with a dilemma, the obvious solution is to go bemoan one's state to the Internets, in the hopes of advice and/or catharsis. ;-)

Now, as dilemmas go, this is not world-shaking. Which, frankly, is good. Here's the problem: I am going to a Big Professional Meeting next week. In retrospect, it may or may not have been a good idea to plan to go to this meeting, but that's not the point. The point is, I am going, plane ticket is purchased, etc., etc.

The official hotel for the Meeting was a) extremely nice, b) ridiculously pricey. It was a pricey hotel in a city full of pricey hotels. So, about a month ago, when I was poking at lodging, I took one look at the "special reduced conference rate," said, "HAH!" in a loud voice, and proceeded to try to find other accomodations.

The hotel that I ended up making a reservation for is about half the cost of the Official Hotel. It is also within walking distance to the Official Hotel/Conference site, and includes breakfast and free Internet. And, at the time, I thought that the cost, while still ridiculously expensive, was not bad for a conference in a fairly expensive city I am not really familiar with.

The problem is that now I'm wondering if I should try to find a more affordable hotel, how much the "breakfast and Internet" part is worth, how far away other hotels are, how I would get to the Official Hotel from the other hotels, whether the bad reviews reflect the truth about a super-cheap hotel, etc. And I have, frankly, been spending far too much time poking at hotels this evening, and dithering about all of those issues. Arrrrrgh.

Fortunately, I still have a day to cancel the original reservations before they charge me for anything. Unfortunately, this probably means that I am going to be spending way too much time thinking about this and compulsively comparison-shopping hotel sites for the next twenty-four hours.
Medieval Lady

Bwa ha ha!

So, as a follow-up to the "argh!" post, I would like to say that I did, in fact, manage to find a cheaper hotel, which should also be within walking distance of the Important Conference. And, the really cool part is that I found it at a cheaper price, then was poking around to see if I could find out more about the hotel, and found the same hotel at an even cheaper price. The many uses of the Internets!

This makes me feel better about the trip, frankly-- I mean, I'm excited about the trip, but the financial aspect was making me say, "ack!"-- and, while I didn't want to end up in a lousy hotel, or far from the conference, and while I knew that the original hotel was a fairly good deal, it's really good to have found a better one. *grin*