April 6th, 2009

Medieval Lady

Candles and Divine Petitions of Choice Requested

Gah. So. You know when you are really nervous about doing something, and so you put it off waaaay too long, which of course makes the whole situation worse? Yeah. I did that.

See, as part of the Grand Completion of the Brain-Eating Project of horrific Doom, I am trying to use a bunch of photos. Personal photos aren't a problem, if the material itself is old enough. So I'm fine on those.

The problem is, I am using a bunch of images I purchased copies of or was given permission to use. And what I didn't realize at the time I was steeling myself to send around e-mails to total strangers at archives and publishing houses and whatever is that a regular e-mail of permission just Will Not Suffice, according to the official policies. Oops. Which means that I have to go create specifically-formatted letters to everybody I got permission from in the FIRST place and get the signed copies back (signed originals, mind you). Right. Since I've already gotten permission, this should not be a problem, right? Wrong. Because due to general brain-deadness and a horrible fear that the language of the official letter makes it look like this is all for an actual, official, publication which will be sold-- which would bump me up into a category of having to pay additional massive fees for images I've already paid massive fees for-- I have been completely remiss in actually chasing people down with new copies of the letter and asking if they might, perhaps, maybe, consider signing it and returning it so that I can actually use the materials I paid scads of money for. Arrrgggghhh.

However, I do believe I have now sent out SOMETHING at least to all the relevant folks. Now I just get to spend several weeks kicking myself for not having done it earlier (there is a very vital deadline approaching, and the terror of getting a negative response is balanced out by the terror that they will happily say yes, but the letter will arrive too late).

So, fingers crossed that this will turn out to be relatively painless, surprisingly quick, and free of people demanding huge quantities of money...