March 30th, 2009

greeting, worm

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*sigh* There's something very annoying about the fact that every time I go into an Ikea, I end up wanting to buy all sorts of things which are very cool but which I really don't need. This is particularly true of all organization-related items, most of the kitchenware, and random house-decorating stuff.

I know exactly why it is-- it's part of the whole fantasy of Better Living Through Stuff. Like if I just get the _right_ stuff, all of the clutter in my vicinity will just vanish, and be replaced by perfect organization (and sparkles and rainbows). The recycling will dispose of itself; the paper will stop multiplying exponentially every time I turn around; the living room will stop being the place where clutter goes to die....

It's the concept of having a completely clean slate-- like moving into a new apartment/house and having to go and buy everything. Or at least mostly everything; clothes and books would be there, but everything else would be finding new stuff rather than having bits and pieces of old stuff uneasily coralled in cupboards, etc. I think this happens to practically everybody, really.

Of course, my brain wants to turn it into a story.* But that's just me.

*It keeps trying to generate first lines.