December 20th, 2005

Medieval Lady

Words, words, words...

Number of hours spent today at work playing Scrabble as part of a holiday celebration/"team-building" exercise: approx. 6

Number of Japanese words that somehow found their way onto the board, sometimes more than once: At least three

Number of times somebody else said something like, "Gi?" and I responded, "It's a word!!!!": Once. Well, ok, twice. Although then Udon turned out to not be in the dictionary, so I couldn't use it. And then "Yami" turned out to be in the dictionary as a tribe living on an island near Taiwan, a member of that tribe, or the language spoken by that tribe, which wasn't the meaning I had originally been looking for. But, hey, whatever works....

Best play of the various games: Co-worker played "shamed," which I turned into "unashamed," which she then turned around and turned into "unashamedly," with a triple word score square. Boo-yah.

I have to say, Scrabble Day was widely regarded as the Best Workday EVER!!!!
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