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My election commentary consists of....


I would call my folks right now and congratulate them on all the campaign work that they did in a state which was not expected to go for Obama/Biden, but apparently has... except that I am sure they are asleep (and would thus reach through the phone and strangle me).

After an evening of election coverage, I am horribly annoyed that I missed the actual moment of the announcement, because I was giving somebody a ride home (and figured that I had time-- hah!).

However, I heard Obama's speech, which I am very happy about. Historic moments aside, it was an excellent and articulate speech (*offers up grateful prayers for president-elect who does not mangle the English language).

Tomorrow, I shall have to track down McCain's speech (about which I have heard excellent and gentlemanly things; props to him for that), and also the actual announcement, with explanations and maps and so on. Whee.

Right now, it is kind of tired out.
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