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Whether the weather is good...

Hmmm... the weather today has been heavy. Pressure before the storm, all eyes on the weather map, tracking the lines and colors, heavy. Earlier today, when I went to buy groceries, it was raining, a little, just enough to remind everybody to pick up milk and bread and bottled water and batteries. And, of course, catfood. Can't forget the catfood. The heaviness in the weather seems to have made the cats very, very sleepy; various-sized puddles of fur are draped on the furniture and the floor. But they'll wake up when somebody heads towards the kitchen.

It stopped for a couple of hours, while e-mails kept popping up, reminding everybody of emergency procedures and telling them that the outdoor furniture had been taken in, but the football game was still on. We'll see how that works out.

Now it's raining again, very lightly (two cats stick their heads outside, sniffing and Not Entirely Sure about all this wet the outside seems to be full of). Scheduled to get heavier tonight. A fair bit heavier, if the latest map projections are correct (the official word is that things are tracking further westwards than they'd anticipated). And then Hanna will head on up northwards, visiting the folks and sibling at some point later in the week.

I remember getting the tail ends of hurricanes growing up; we were too far north and too far west to ever get the full brunt of anything. Last time one came through here, I wasn't in this apartment, although I was in a part of town which loses power almost as easily.

Anyway, am hoping that it will not be a terribly bad weekend, weather-wise, and am glad that at least we have flashlights and good books and Scrabble and chocolate. *grins*

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