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the past and pending [entries|friends|calendar]
julia carolyn.

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2008 is lookin pretty fly already :)
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man on the moon [01|31|07]
[ mood | content ]

wow i never ever update this thing.
well currently i am sitting in my new house on east main st.
our living room is redredred and i love it, but i'm not sure what color to do my room yet. suggestions?

i think i'm finally figuring out what(/who) is really important to me, and it's about time.

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moving again? uhh okay..
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hola [09|22|06]
[ mood | happy ]

hello livejournal, it's been awhile
since i pretty much have not updated since school,
hello and goodbye summer
hello 284 west main street, i like you
hello new job (clay play in brunswick, currently owned and operated by amy and christopher handy)
hello junior year, you're doing a pretty good job of kicking my ass so far
hello not going to bed before midnight since school started
hello debate team!
helllooo crush
hello two weeks till my birthday
hello lots more things i can't think of right now

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cape cod till wednesday then new york till sunday.
happy 4th of july!

seee ya
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kenya dig it? [06|06|06]
[ mood | happy ]

I feel like I should update this thing. wellll, the year is almost over.. half-way through highschool. that's pretty cool I suppose.
currently my life = peachy. i have fun, do things i like, hang out with people i like, it's lovely outside again, etc.

last weekend i went to maggie's, which was super. i love her/will see her at least twice this summer! (right?!!) we had a good time and i made some new buds. friday miss yardley came over and we watched Shakespeare in Love, aka Joseph Fiennes is soooo oo o o fine. saturdayy my parents had some old friends over for dinner so i stayed for that and then went to hang out at emma's. sunday graduation was fun, sad, happy, poignant? did i use that right? and other things. i liked it. plus i love when people give fun speeches. then i went to erin's for a while and watched grease!! (& grease 2 but that one is lame)

things to come:
step-up day!!/sarah's birthday
finals booo

in other news, this shirt now belongs to me. ignore the creepy chick.

comment a favorite memory of this year and/or something you're going to do this summer :)

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hooray [05|02|06]
[ mood | indescribable ]

on Saturday night around 8:00 I got on a bus headed for Washington, D.C. for the rally to stop the genocide in Darfur. I was sitting across the aisle from one of the many refugees from Darfur who are currently living in Portland. I can't even pronounce his name, but he had lived through so much. I heard him talking about his experiences, and I was amazed. Hearing this really stamped and sealed my reason for going on this trip. It's weird, you can hear about these kinds of things and think "wow, that's horrible" or "I can't believe this is happening," but there is always a distance between you and the subject. To hear a personal story firsthand is unbelievable and really puts a lot of things into perspective for me.

anyway, here are the pictures i got. not too many but that's okay..

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a million voices for darfurCollapse )

leave a comment if you feeel

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an enigma wrapped in a mystery [03|22|06]
[ mood | indifferent ]

so i dunno. i really don't want to move.
i've lived in this house since i was six and i have only two years left here, but unfortunately it's not up to me.
we can't move to the house on summer street which i actually really liked because some people who didn't have to sell their house made an offer on it, so that is a bummer.
my mom took me to a house she likes that's kind of near applewoods. i think that it looks like a '60s beach house. which is neat? but not really. i think it's very ugly and the only cool thing about it is that it has a hot tub. BLAH

but anyway, for some reason i just decided to see what it was that i wrote in this thing a year ago today.
and it just happens to be this!
which in my opinion was a pretty swell entry. so now everyone should help me compose a March 22, 2006 awesome list.
I'll start you off:
- A three day weekend!

- Newly acquired licenses
- Caramel frappucinos!
- Super cool states for the one acts and
- No one getting lynched in our play!
- April vacation somewhat soon
- Ira's ever-proliferating vocabulary!! (there's a good one for you)

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blah [03|04|06]
some things;
i just took a very long shower
i would like it to be summer now
i wish i had a reason to update more often
i haven't done anything this weekend, for the most part out of my own free will
yesterday was kerry's birthday and she is one cool kid
i'm pretty much in love with the great '08 and spirit week in general
but i am very sick of this.

Image hosting by Photobucket

over and out.
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so, i just sort of felt like updating.

i recently acquired a new-found love for yhs debate team. spending most of my weekend in orono with these kick-ass folks was outstanding, simply.
then what do you know, one day off and we're all at romeo's together, later purchasing pepsi, mentos, and sex dice for a fantastic round of entertainment. it was really quite terrific.

well now i am sitting here with maps spread out, and a book next to me title "Treasures of Britain: A traveller's guide to the riches of Britain and Ireland"

because it just so happens i might be going to London this summer :)
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