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23 December
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45 grave, abortion, affirmative action, ambrose bierce, amon amarth, arch enemy, beer, beethoven, bias in the media, black metal, bleed the sky, bob dylan, books, breaking things, capital punishment, carcass, chimaira, chocolate peanuts, chopin, christina ricci, churchland high, cigarettes, comic books, communism, controversy, cradle of filth, criminology, crucifucks, cryptopsy, culture, current events, dead milkmen, death metal, debate, democrats, dover, dreams, drugs, dying fetus, economy, electronic music, emotions, epidemiology, faith no more, fascism, fast sex, feminism, food, foreign policy, free speech, free stuff, freedom of religion, friends, germany, global issues, guns, gwar, haggard, hatebreed, heavy metal, heterosexuality, hippies, history, hitler, illegal immigration, joe kubert, kittie, kmfdm, lacuna coil, language, led zeppelin, liberalism, libertarians, love, lovecraft, metal, metal music, metalheads, ministry, misfits, mistress, moderates, mohawks, morality, movies, mp3, mp3s, music, my ruin, nationalism, nazism, new jersey, nightwish, nihilism, nine inch nails, norcom, norfolk, novels, oi!, old school punk music, olde town, opera metal, operatic metal, opeth, ozzy, philosophy..., piercings, poetry, politics, popular culture, portsmouth, psychology, punk, punk rock, rascism, religion, rocky horror picture show, sex, shoplifting, skinny puppy, small government, socialism, society, speed, steven king, straight edgers, suicidal tendencies, talk radio, the black dahlia murder, the bloodhound gang, the onion, the strap-ons, theorism, therion, thinking, thora birch, thrash, thrash metal, thunderstorms, tom petty, tool, toothpaste, transhumanism, tristania, virginia, vodka, war, weed, wilmington, writing