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Tonight I'm Tangled in my Blanket of Clouds, Dreaming Aloud [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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B-ROD [Jun. 8th, 2005|09:21 pm]

When: Monday, June 13th at approx. 12:30 pm (after the 6th period exam)
Where: The Wootton Auditorium
What: A retirement party for Mr. Brodsky
Who: Everyone who wants to come

PLEASE if you see this entry copy it into your lj/tell your friends.

ps: I'm serious, anyone who wants to come is invited, including (or especially) alumni

pps: Please try to remember to wear a shirt from a Wootton High School Production (that Brodsky has been involved with)to the party.

ppps: The Drama club is thinking of buying a small gift of appreciation for B-rod, however, contrary to popular belief, we have no money. If you would be willing to contribute any amount of money to this fund, please leave me a comment. Don't worry, I won't lose your money.

pppps: Thanks to all.

ppppps: Congrats to all of the recently graduated seniors!

pppppps: There will be free food at the party (provided by Patrons)

Tell people about it! Brodsky's probably been at Wootton since before you were born, it'd be nice if we could let him know how much we appreciate being in his shows.
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Eljay, I feel like were growing apart. We barely talk anymore, and I know youve been sleeping around [May. 19th, 2005|12:20 am]
[music |sounds of silence (Simon and Garfunkel or nothing at all???)]

<The introduction to my post-assessment essay on religion, which I'm actually having fun with, and it eventually ties into blackberry picking. Kind of.Collapse )

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I'll never wash my right hand again [Apr. 25th, 2005|10:16 am]
Have you ever met Ben Folds?
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There have been enough posts about Seussical... [Apr. 24th, 2005|12:52 pm]
[music |Ben Folds & Butch Walker in T minus 7ish hours and counting]

...so all I'm gonna say is:

Thank you, everyone.

Good luck, seniors.

We kicked some ass.
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havent used this journal thing in awhile [Apr. 3rd, 2005|01:17 am]

packaging for some HP product

anyone notice the reference?

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Ouch [Mar. 6th, 2005|06:51 pm]
[music |jesus of suburbia - green day]

Recent discovery: taking the new SATs is about as tiring as playing basketball while doing calculus. And crying.

My everything hurts.
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I wet my bed [Mar. 3rd, 2005|12:24 am]
[music |they all fall down - sr-71]

I might see Butch Walker.
And Ben Folds.
On the same stage.
On the same night.
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Floating down a river [Feb. 17th, 2005|08:08 pm]
[music |aqueous transmission - incubus]

Stephanie "Holy shit, it's Stephie Coplan. Have you heard her play piano?" Coplan is officially my piano teacher.
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I'll write a million words, I'll sing until it hurts [Feb. 9th, 2005|10:06 pm]
[music |another night alone - SR-71]

Sure it's stupid, but it's a good way to procrastinate:

If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often, you must comment with a memory of me. It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened. Then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you.
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I wish I could sing [Jan. 27th, 2005|05:46 pm]
[music |the low life]

1. Reply with your name and I won't do a damn thing.
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