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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2005|12:43 pm]

All future posts will be at sidledplant

Thank you so much for the wonderful support and memories. ♥

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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2005|10:46 am]
rrreverb, stimpson, stevielynn, hellandbliss, mollymorbid, at_the_stars, la_sonnambula: please check under here for your interest meme icons.Collapse )

Those of you not affected by this, please feel free to go about your business. :)

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Journal-ish Stuff [Jun. 21st, 2005|05:17 am]
[Current Mood |busy]

Things are going to happening around here, so a heads-up is in order.

First, I'm going to be closing this journal and opening a community. It'll be easier in the long run, and with this particular journal coming up on a year...it seems a good way to start a new year.

Notice I said 'closing'. I'm not deleting it, so any icons you have saved with the name interview_, can be kept as such. I'm just basically transplanting everything over to the new place. That's always my first grumble when people move icon journals, so I figured I'd clarify that.

Affiliates, starting today I'll be leaving comments at your journals and all that jazz, so if you commented around here, you won't need to do so again. (I'm annoying myself with all I'm doing, so I might as well be the only one highly annoyed. *g*)

And that's it. Expect the 10 Things I Hate About You icons sometime this week. July 5th. This journal will be a year old on that date, so those icons will be posted then. I'll probably post teasers here, and then the actual post be at the new journal.

...But if there's anybody wanting to switch over to the community now, you'll want sidledplant. Whatever I've posted here will be posted over there eventually and I'll be doing group posts. One post for CSI, one post for female celebrities...doing the easiest moving/organizing possible. *g* And I won't be spamming; probably a 'new' post whenever I think of it.

Questions, comments, flames...whatever, you know what to do.

ETA: There's also going to be some broken links, since I'm in the process of moving everything, so...yeah. I'll leave you alone now.

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Tutorial #7: Jake Gyllenhaal [Jun. 12th, 2005|04:57 am]
[Current Mood |busy]
[Current Music |MAdM - Head Unbound]

I'm getting tempted to stop posting here and just start a community. Maybe I'd post more if I didn't have to keep signing in and out of an account. *shrugs* Anyway.

Another tutorial, this time for hadria.

Usual notes apply: this was made using PSP7, but odds are it can translate rather nicely and easily to PS, and this tutorial takes into account you know how to the most basic things with your program already.

Icon being made:

And the steps go down like this. *insert beatbox noises*Collapse )

Truthfully, here: are these tutorials fine the way they are, or could I cut down on the chatter a bit? I just find the tutorials that are all 'I did this, this, and this. Voila.' a bit...robotic. No offense to anybody; I can't think of anybody's whose tutorials are like that, so it's not as if I have somebody in mind. It's just always nice to see a tutorial with a bit of the icon maker, you know? Or something.

Anything confusing? Let me know! I'll be glad to help if I can.

ETA: And because now's as good a time as any: Look! Jumping on the suggestion post bandwagon! Whee! ...That's all, really.

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Tutorials #5 and 6: Sara Sidle and Greg Sanders [May. 27th, 2005|04:31 am]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]
[Current Music |Rilo Kiley - The Frug]

...Aren't the multiple postings within one week just making you happy I'm back? Don't worry, the excitement will die down and I'll be back to posting maybe twice a month, or if you're lucky, once. W00t for you.

Next tutorial will be up in a few days, for hadria. Why a few days? I fear my fingers and brain will need a mini-vacation.

stormwind kindly requested I do a tutorial for one of these from my last CSI post, but since they were done using the same techniques, I figured I'd do both.

As always, I used PSP7 (although considering what's involved, it'll probably be easy to translate to PS), and please have an idea of how your program works before attempting this.

Also, these tutorials are a bit more image-intense than my other tutorials, just in case you're using dial-up. Nothing sized over 100x100, but you know, a friendly 'in case' kind of thing.

First icon being made:

Cutcutcut.Collapse )

Second icon being made:

Snipsnipsnip.Collapse )

Now then. Questions, comments...view to share on whether you think Eric's hot in eyeliner, whatever the case may be, you know what to do.

And now...*is ded*

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Tutorial #4: Kate Beckinsale [May. 26th, 2005|03:51 am]
[Current Mood |artistic]
[Current Music |me, humming Gabriel's Sledgehammer]

And here's the first tutorial of the week, (which is actually the fourth one of the journal), for sadako_chan. Within the next two days, I'll be following it up by doing a two-for-one deal kindly requested by stormwind. See? You request and you get your name mentioned. Spiffy. *nods*

Two catches. One: I assure you, this icon came out of pure luck. The key was using an extremely hi-res picture, which...I'll be hunting down in a minute and then supplying the size of the picture and a link to the site so you can see just how hi-res it actually is. The second catch but one that probably won't matter is that I'm stuck in the Stone Age using PSP7. But it's the 'anniversary edition'. Oooooh. *eyeroll*

Also! This tutorial takes into account that you already know how to do the basic steps using your program: please don't be asking me how to create new layers or anything like that. I do have a life outside this journal, contrary to popular belief.

Anyway, we are making this icon:

And we prettify the picture by doing these things to it.Collapse )

And I promised picture dimensions? The picture itself is from KBeckinsale.net, the GQ:UK gallery (don't overseas magazines have the best pictures?), and the dimensions are: 1502x2050x16 million, and equals 8.8MB. Very hi-res indeed.

As usual, any questions, comments...disparaging remarks, go ahead and leave a comment and I'll answer it as best I can, although I'm far from an expert on how to use the program.

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Tutorial #3: Brad Pitt [Feb. 10th, 2005|01:01 am]
[Current Mood |coldfreezing to the bone]
[Current Music |Late Night with Conan O'Brien]

Yes, another one! No worries though; this is the last one for a bit because I need to figure out how to do the next one first. *snort* Lovely, I know.

Usual notes: I use PSP7, so I'm not sure how this translates to other programs. If you have any questions, or want something cleared up, ask! I promise not to bite your head off.

Tutorial being made: .

Insert something witty.Collapse )

So. There we have it. A...relatively colorful icon of a hot guy, in a hot position. (I think it's hot anyway. Maybe I have a neck fetish. Who knows.) Either way, any questions? Comments? Example of what you did? Whatever the case, go for it!

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Tutorial #2: Robert Goren, of LO:CI [Feb. 8th, 2005|05:40 am]
[Current Mood |draineddrained]
[Current Music |Kate Bush - Top of the City]

Yep, another tutorial. You know the drill: if you don't understand something, ask and I'll clear up what I can. I don't give exact numbers because experimenting...half the fun of being creative. If you're not having fun, something's wrong.

Oh, and I use PSP7, so I have no idea how this would translate to Photoshop or any of the other programs floating around.

Icon being made:

And the fun starts under here.Collapse )

Whew. Kind of long, I know, but I may have become...slightly anal-retentive with this one. *g* This icon's my baby. *pets icon* One of my favorites, which is why.

So. Questions, feedback...and if possible, a sample of what you made are all welcome. Now, I'm off to rest my brain for the next two tutorials.

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Tutorial #1: Sarah McLachlan [Jan. 3rd, 2005|12:39 am]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |movie - Speed]

Okay...my first tutorial. I'm hoping this is clear, but if it isn't...well, just leave me a comment and I'll clarify what I meant. Oh, also, I use PSP7 (yes, that ancient. Can I blame my icons on that fact?), and have no clue on how it would translate to PS7. So...please, keep that in mind when formulating your questions. Also, it is a bit long. But...well, better that than too short and leaving everything unexplained.

Anyway, this tutorial is on how to create the following icon:

Mainly tutorial, with a tiny bit of rambling.Collapse )

Anyway, if you have any questions on this, or maybe I rambled too much, hiding the actual tutorial...just clue me in? I'd rather have everything pointed out at first, than to do another tutorial and then people point stuff out to me, that I did here, but they didn't want to say anything and hurt my feelings. Besides, how else would I learn anything? ;)

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