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20 November

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Becca Dee.
Short. Loud. Dorky. Opinionated. Determined. Smart. Passionate. Goofy. Dedicated.

I'm short but you know what they say... dynamite comes in small packages.

I'm loud and outspoken; there's no doubt behind those words. I say what's on my mind and am either admired or looked down apon for it. I could care less if I offend you when I'm giving my opinion; get over it, opinions are like assholes - everybody has one and some of them stink. What can I say? I'm a rare breed; a female who speaks her mind and maintains her composure throughout an argument.

I'm smart. I'm good at most things in school. I like learning new things whether it be a shortcut to a mathematical equation or how to better write a paper, to figuring out ways to make myself run faster, dance harder and concentrate more freely. I'm one of the very few people left in this world that still actually enjoys school and realizes that American kids are lucky to have a free education handed to us and that we shouldn't take that for granted.

I'm extremely extroverted. I like being around people though I usually only talk because I have something to say [see 'I'm outspoken']. I like listening to people talk, I like memorizing pitches and tones in peoples voices and learning how to identify their emotions and moods through them. I like watching people's eyes change and familiarizing myself with the smallest detail in their coloring. It makes it easier for me to get to know a person if I start on the outside and work my way in. I'm the person in my group of friends that everyone confides in. I'm easy to talk to, I'm good at making words work in my favor, I'm a reasonable balance of sarcastic wit and juicy humor. I'm a huge goofball a lot of the time. I'm an all around people person.

I'm definitely a determined girl. I know what I like, what I need, what I want in life and I fully intend on getting it all. Example: I'm going to marry the man I love, I'm going to drive the car I want to drive and I'm going to be happy with what I work to get.

I'm passionate and dedicated.. HIGHLY passionate and dedicated. If I dedicate myself to someone or something, I become very passionate about seeing that person succeed and go somewhere in life. I become very passionate about seeing whatever it is that I've become dedicated to through until it's done and over with.. for good.

Why my journal is friends only:
There are certain people that I really don't think deserve to read my journal which contains alot of my innermost rantings and emotions. If you're one of those people, you already know. If you don't already know, why haven't you friended me yet :)? You comment, I comment back.