"Insane Iconage"


I've moved!

Please feel free to watch artofmotion for all my icons now! I decided that going back and forth from this icon journal to my journal was a pain, like so many others.

"Insane Iconage"


When we were cleaning out the temp files on our computer, we accidentally deleted my PSP 9. So, until we can find the CD to re-install it, I probably won't be making many icons. I've only made around 5 for this next batch- it was supposed to be huge- so..yeah. As of now, I'm on HIATUS</a>.
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&quot;Insane Iconage&quot;

[icon post] I live!

Yes, that's right, your fave insanee has come back from the dead. ^^; With some changes, as well.

I've decided to keep this public. As long as no one steals from me, I'm great. Remember, credit is a must!

x24 Icons total
x12 Yu-Gi-Oh!
x3 Yami no Bakura
x3 Mana
x2 Atemu in Armor
x2 zomgcrackygo things
x1 Little Atemu
x1 Tendershipping (Ryou/Bakura)
x1 Sennen/Millennium Ring
x2 Kingdom Hearts
x1 Sora
x1 Girlwhosenameescapesme
x2 A Little Princess
x1 Sara
x1 Birthday Cake
x2 Gravitation
x1 Other

EXTRA: One Banner- Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Remember, comments are optional, but credit is NOT!

ygo_perfection, ygo_endgame, iy_void, and uk_syndicate_rp!
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&quot;Insane Iconage&quot;

ygo100 Subject: Mokuba Kaiba

This is where I'll be putting My Updates for my 100 icons I'm doing of Mokuba.

NOTE: If they're wordless, please don't put words on them. I like them this way, okay?

Most Recent Update: 14/100

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Comments are optional if you're taking one of these. Credit is NOT. No exceptions.
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