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(with noise)

13 October
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, 2step, acid jazz, ambient, american analog set, amon tobin, anything spherical, aphex twin, apple juice, architecture in helsinki, art, at the drive in, bargain hunting, beaches, bebel gilberto, beth's cafe, blonde redhead, booty house, brazil, breaks, broken social scene, built to spill, california rolls, candy, cannonball adderly, cartoons, cheap red wine, cheese, chemistry!, chris isaak, chuck berry, claude debussy, coffee, cooking, count basie, crayons, crime in choir, cynicism, dancing!!!mountains, darkstep, deep/disco house, dilute, dnb, downtempo, ella fitzgerald, elton john, enon, etta james, falling asleep in cars, forgotten buttons, getting lost, ghetto tech, greece, hella, hiking, hip hop, illbient, intentions, interpol, iqu, iron and wine, jamiroquai, jazz, joy division, jump up, kaki king!tevo, kanye west, kings of convenience, kraftwerk, landfills, late night diners/drives, led zeppelin, lightening, loscil, louis armstrong, love, making out in cars, marbles, mathematics, miami bass, miles davis, minus the bear, mogwai, mono, mos def, mum, musubi, nada surf, nature, new wave, pagodas, papua new guinea, passion, pda, people watching, pessimism, peter gabriel, phil collins, photography, physics, pillow forts, pink floyd, playing in the snow, portishead, post modernism, queen, radiohead, ragga, realism, rilo kiley, rock climbing, rome, scary monsters!!, science, sigur ros, simon and garfunkel, singing in the shower, south san gabriel, spiced cider, stan getz, stanley kubrick, stars, stuffed robots, sunrises, synthpop, techstep, thai food, the 50s, the appleseed cast, the blue period, the clientele, the decemberists, the mars volta, the music, the shins, the six parts seven, the smiths, the youngsters, thelonious monk, thievery corporation, thrift stores, torrential downpours, travel, tribal house, trip hop, unconventionals, unkle, unprecedented road trips, water, yes