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im getting my computer cleaned out.
& all my files will get deleted.
& i wanted to know is there anyway
i can save my songs in itunes so that they dont get deleted
or i can still have them eventhough my comp is cleaned out?

someone told me if i put the serial number in itunes
my songs automatically save. ipod is broken and im not getting a new one for a while.

any suggestions? communites that can help?



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im leaving LJ.
i barely update & it just bores me.
maybe ill come back. who knows.
you guys are amazing people.

my aim is flippin idiott x
& my myspace is

keep in contact if youd like.

<3 gaby
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goodbye schoooool!

we leave tomorow. or today? since its after midnight.
man oh man am i  excited.

BYE <333

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my cousinsss goneee =(


i miss her sooo much!



 check on "friend of" to see if you were snipppped

im really happy with my FL so i kept most of you.

people were cut because they didnt comment or read my journal, i didnt comemnt or read yours cuz it was boresville, or you never updated.
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christmas meme!!


if you scroll down youll see my username.
its actually really fun.
you guys should put your usernames too so i can do you.


ill love you forevs <333

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bad bad bad girl


lots of stuff going on.
grounded. moms got the report card yo.
& i guess it wasnt too good.
shes all "we need to talk"
im like oohh shiiiitt gangstuhhh.
i havent even seen the damn report card yet.
i know i didnt fail anything or get any D's
but like i said before moms got a sick phobia of C's
so i know i have 2 C's one in bio cuz i got lazy
& a C in Math cuz i suck at life in that class.
But whatevs i just want to see the report card.
Im gonna have to listen to her bitch and moan at me
& then shes gonna be all "youre gonna end up just like your brother"
im just gonna keep my mouth shut and agree with everything.
Im doing really good this term though.

& i feel horrible cuz i cant go out with my friend for her bday
ohhh im a bad person. =(

Ill try to comment. ill probably be able to.
but i dont know. Im taking a break from updating though.


skankattack I LOVE YOU HONEY!



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Starting fresh & new babyyy

So I've decided on Indulgence_
yay =) i wont change it yet just because i dont want to yet.
do you guys like indulgence? i love it <33
i saw it used like 5 times today it was the weirdest thing.
its a sign lol.

anyway. here is what im going to do.
I still have alot of people on my friend list who:

  •  i dont really talk to
  • never comment
  • never update
  • dont read my journal
  • never on lj


So giving everyone the oppurtunity to decide
for themeseleves if they wanna continue being friends with me or not.
I'VE DELETED EVERYONE. yes everyone.
If you wanna be added back simple comment on my FO entry
& if not just unadd me. i wont take it personal.
I want to start a clean slate with everything.
im gonna leave a bunch of dead communities too.

i promise im  not doing this to be annoying.
itll just let me know who wants to stay & who doesnt
& its alot easier then listing everyone.

Keep in mind.
only stay if youre really going to read my journal
comment occasionally & all that good stuff.
if not whats the point  right?




hopefully most of you will want to stay <33

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