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Warm Fuzzies

The boy this morning.

Cocks his head. Looks at me.


"You look really cute this morning!"

Warm fuzzies ensue.

I want to pass these warm fuzzies on.

::hugs flist:: You all remain awesome. Welcoming me back as though I never left.

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From the mouths of kids

There is no end to amusement in my classroom.

Grade 2 Wisdom:

(Two students discussing why Oscar the Grouch lives in a garbage can.)

"Well? He must have made some bad life decisions."



Grade 2 Whaaa?

(Students having a conversation at lunch. They eat in our classroom.)

"So I was doing some research on cantaloupe ..."

(On what now???)

"... and I discovered there are deer called cantaloupe."

(LOL. I never knew about the cantaloupe bounding across the African Savannah.)

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Fandom Leanings?

Another post?

Who would have thought?

I'm curious to know what fandoms my old friends find themselves lurking about these days, if at all. Goodness knows I've had quite a dry spell.

What fandoms are you actively involved in?

If not,

What are you watching and enjoying, if not getting fannishly involved in?

The reason I find myself back on LJ, making tentative itty bitty steps back into the community has to do with Doctor Who, John Barrowman, conventions and my geekishly awesome husband and sister. But, more on that later.

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Thank You

Once upon a time there was a young woman who adored (nay, was obsessed with) Buffy and Angel.

This woman created icons and wallpapers. She dabbled (or shall we say drabbled?) in fan fiction.

Before the geekspolsion, she felt at home in the fandom community. Before there were several superhero movies a year, before Star Trek was revamped and cool, before nerd glasses were chic, before Game of Thrones brought fantasy out of D&D players basements, I had a community. A community of people who loved these geeky things as much as me, who made me feel accepted, who made me feel as though there was no better thing to be than a geek, a nerd, a trekkie, a whedonite, a whovian, a slasher, a fan fic writer and everything in between.

I loved these people. People who felt a B/A vs. S/B 'ship debate was a topic worthy of thoughtful discussion, who would not call me crazy if I delved deeply into the merits vs. shortcomings of BtVS season 6, who would not shun me if I felt Spuffy baby fics were full of fluffy fabulousness. These people were awesome.

I'd go so far to say that they helped shape who I am today. My corner of fandom was open and accepting, introduced me to the wonderful world of slash, they were there for me with advice and comfort when I needed to put fandom chatter on hold and discuss the calamities of real life, they listened to me ramble about the boy (now the hubby). As I said, they were awesome.

The times were awesome.

I don't know that I'll ever have the time to devote to fandom that I did then, or to journaling, but looking back nostalgically at my journal entries for those 5 years or so ... I have this overwhelming need to thank those people. To those of you still around:

Thank you.

Thank you for the acceptance and for the laughs. Thank you for loving and supporting my icons and my fics. Thank you for being such of a fun, positive part of my life for so long. You all rocked. I miss fandom but most of all I miss you because you made fandom what it was.

Thank you.
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A little literary assistance if you please!

Guess what? I'm alive folks! My sanity was tested September through December, but I made it out mentally and emotionally (more or less) intact. More on that later . . . I want to catch up on your lives first. I haven't looked at LJ since September.

What novels did you really love as a child? What novels really spoke to you on some deeper level? Specifically about a grade 6 reading level and below.

I'm taking a class on Literacy and we have to do a novel study, which I'm quite excited about. However, I'm having trouble making a great pick and I thought you all might like to reminisce about what you read when you were younger.

Lyssa is back! Hopefully.
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Holy Cow

Kindergarten in the morning (38 students) and a multi aged grade 1/2 class in the afternoon (46 students).


Wow. It's a lot of kids. A lot a lot. The 1/2 room I think because of the sheer number of students is like a scene from kindergarten cop. Paint flying everywhere. They really are great kids but 46 of them + paint = pure messy chaos.

But the point of this post is not to convey my utter exhaustion but instead to share this story:

Kindergarten student presents to me their drawing of a large circular yellow scribble - a sun? Nope. A bus? Nope. A sunflower? Nope.

"What is it?"

"All the pee inside of me!"


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Kindergarten and BSG . . . not necessarily related hehe

It's probably about time I had a life update and not just a Battlestar Galactica post!

I'm student-teaching Kindergarten this year! In a near full time capacity. Four days at Kindergarten, one day at the university. School has me both excited and terrified. The next few months are going to be a blur of intense work, fun, stress, joy, panic, fulfillment . . . I'm going to be a mess.

I wish I were at Kindergarten five days a week so that my focus could remain on that, on planning, teaching, assessing, etc and not on also doing homework for the university class as well . . . that's the insanity of it. Teaching is in itself a job that goes beyond full time hours. I'm doing it for free and also going to university one day a week. Oh and did I mention that I have to start prepping my resume this semester as well? If anyone has any ideas on how to make the day longer I'd much appreciate it.

I'm sure I'll have many stories from the kindergarten room. I hope I find time to post some of them!!

And now, to BSG!

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BSG 3.03 Occupation

All right, so my episode commentary for Battlestar Galactica now skips ahead to season 3. The boy and I kind of whipped through the end of season 2 and, sadly, I never really got a chance to post about the episodes. Much happened, it was fantastic and worthy of much chatter, however I just did not get around to it. So instead I will forge ahead to season 3!
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Query - I feel like there ought to be some sort of LJ community for discussing TV on DVD. For us poor souls who don't quite get to it when it first airs and all the excitement about it is making shock waves across live journal. I miss that post-episode discussion so very much from the Buffy days. I realize the likelihood that someone is watching BSG exactly where I am is slim, but just having a place where people who have watched are still willing to discuss it with you would be wonderful.
Any chance that such a community exists?
Not that you all aren't willing of course, but my flist has shrunk significantly with my corresponding decline in time for livejournal. Completely understandable of course, but saddens me none the less

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more battlestar galactica - crazy shit

All right flist, it is my plea that someone who watched Battlestar Galactica would please mentally go back to that time and pretend that they just watched this episode as well! I need to chat about this!!
Because, this shit is bananas!
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As much as what's happening is working me up all to hell I'm loving the show right now. So very into it. So please, comment with me!
I can't believe I have to wait until the boy gets home on Monday to watch Part 2.

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