Porcelain, by being pure, is apt to break...

Lucius Malfoy
31 December
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Lucius Tahmores Artaxiad Royce Malfoy, born December 31st, 1958 (currently 16 years old)

Appearance: Lucius' most outstanding features are his incredibly pale skin and near white hair, rumoured to be a trait the Malfoys have acquired since interbreeding with veelas many generations ago. He is a tall boy (6'2") with a slim frame and little muscle (he weighs 152lbs) as he's a complete stranger to most physical activity, preferring instead to read or listen to music and avoid breaking out in a sweat. He is attractive (as most pureblooded wizards tend to be) but this is marred by the almost permanent look of distaste he wears whilst walking around with his nose firmly in the air. His most distinguishing feature is the one least seen by others; the charred brand on his forearm of Voldemort's mark.
Personality: Lucius is, in a nutshell, a spoilt brat. Accustomed to always getting his way, he is apt to have a temper tantrum if things start to stray from the path he chose for them. He comes across as incredibly snobby, barely offering more than a snotty look to most people he meets. The only person he shows any real emotion to is Severus Snape and he tends to see other people as nothing more than acquaintances or tools. When it comes to following rules and being disciplined, he generally ignores everyone except his father (whom he respects and despises in equal amounts) and Lord Voldemort. In many ways he is an outright malevolent person and, until recently was often seen publicly announcing his hatred of muggle-borns and muggles.
Sexuality: Publicly, Lucius is seen as hetrosexual (his burgeoning relationship with Narcissa encouraging this assumption) but, the only person he has ever romantically opened up to is Severus Snape. In general, he finds women to be an annoyance and nothing more than a means to an end whereas he sees strength and nobility in men.
Positive Traits: Loyal to those he sees as worthy, intelligent, committed.
Character Flaws: Prejudiced, spiteful, spoilt, malicious, pretentious, vicious when provoked.
Family: Thiery Vahe Malfoy (father) and Caitlyn Ina Auxberry (mother). Lucius thinks very little of his mother who serves as nothing more than something pretty to hang on his father's arm. He respects his father an almost unhealthy amount, regardless of the fact Thiery is overbearing and often takes out his rage on his son. Lucius feels torn between his unerring admiration of his father and the fact he feels suffocated and resentful towards him. It is Thiery's wish that Lucius marry Narcissa Black in good time and produce a son to carry on the family name.
Schooling: Currently attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is both a prefect and member of Slytherin House.
Wealth: The Malfoys are well-known for having more money than manners. Lucius has always been very spoilt by his mother in particular and thus, his pockets are never empty.
Wand: 9 inches, yew, dragon heart-string.
Owl: Screech owl named Aulani.
Guilty Pleasures: Muggle classical music, Severus Snape.