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[.she's not a girl who misses much]

[.like a lizard on a window pane]

.:{Sophie <3 }:.
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+ Sophie
+ 18-year-old student
+ Oxford Fresher 2010 (St Anne's College, French & Spanish)
+ North-East England
+ Fandom lover of Top Gear, McFly, Doctor Who, Supernatural
+ Admires Ed Byrne, James May, Tom Fletcher, Jensen Ackles, Richard Hammond, Danny Jones and Justin Long

Sophie Quinn
Sophie Quinn
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{and yes, that is me in the photo above}
alien autopsy, american mcgee's alice, animal crossing, ant and dec, arctic monkeys, atame!, barney stinson, beatles, benedict cumberbatch, billie piper, black swan, blackadder goes forth, blackadder ii, blackadder iii, brendan block, brokeback mountain, bugatti veyrons, captain jack harkness, casanova, chatting, chicago, christine daae, christopher eccleston, coalition governments, colin baker, cybermen, daleks, david cameron, david tennant, doctor who, doctor/rose, donna noble, dracula, edgar allen poe, el laberinto del fauno, emmy rossum, erik, family, fiat pandas, fletcher/jones, flones, fludd, flutes, french, friends, gary barlow, george harrison, gerard butler, girls aloud, howard donald, ianto jones, ipods, itunes, jackie tyler, james may, jason orange, jeremy clarkson, junes, just my luck, k9, keane, la carlotta, languages, life on mars, m-preg, mario kart, mario party, mark owen, martha jones, martin freeman, mcfly, mickey smith, mini coopers, moulin rouge!, mpreg, my chemical romance, narnia, natalie portman, neil patrick harris, nick clegg, oxford, oxford university, pagani zondas, pan's labyrinth, panic! at the disco, patrick wolf, paul mccartney, peter bone, pets, phantom of the opera, pones, poynter/judd, ps3, pudd, raoul de changy, richard hammond, robbie coltrane, robbie williams, rose tyler, russel t davies, sarah jane smith, scala, scrubs, secret smile, seven pounds, sherlock, sims 2 movies, sixth doctor, slash, slitheen, spanish, spice girls, st anne's college, stephen fry, stormbreaker, sylvester mccoy, take that, tardis, tennant/jones, tenth doctor, the academy is..., the blackadder, the decemberists, the king and i, the ring, the sims 2, the stig, titanic, todo sobre mi madre, top gear, torchwood, wicked, wii, xbox 360