My to-do list for today:

  1. Have a cup of tea
  2. Tidy the flat
  3. Research hotels to stay at for the 26-mile walk and my birthday and make a short list to show Ed
  4. Research 3/4-night holidays (preferably somewhere warm and relaxing) and make a short list for Ed
  5. Look through my Parkinson's UK Fundraising Pack and think of ways to pester people for money
  6. Look into JustGiving and how that works
  7. Wash some clothes
  8. Think of something nice to make Ed for tea to prove I'm not a complete waste of space
  9. Go food shopping
  10. Clean the flat
  11. Wallow in self pity
Oh the exciting life I lead.

A-Z meme

Stolen from clareb30 

What's your AGE?: 23
What's your favourite ANIMAL?: I dunno... dog or something?
Do you like APPLES?: Yes, especially pink lady apples.

What time do you go to BED?: Usually around 11pm.
Do you have a BOYFRIEND?: Yes
Do you like the colour BLUE?: Yes
Have you ever had BRACES?: Yes. I hated them.
When’s the last time you ate BACON?: I dunno. A week or two ago?

What kind of CAR do you drive?: I can't drive.
Who’s the last person to CALL you?: It was a boring work-related call.
Do you like to go CAMPING?: I guess. Although I haven't actually done it since I was about 13 so maybe I'd actually hate it now.
Can you do a CARTWHEEL?: No.

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Everything has been so crazy recently. It's all happened so quickly. You may remember that ages ago I applied for an admin job in a translation company and they asked me if I'd like to apply for an internship instead. I said yes. Well, after a few weeks, they sent me some translation tests. I did them. They invited me for an interview. I went. They asked me to do a timed translation test on-site. I did it. They offered me the job. I accepted and handed in my notice at the school.

I have 8 days left at the school. I feel bad cos it seems they can't get anyone to replace me cos the government have stopped the scheme I'm on and the Trust can't afford to pay anyone. I feel so guilty but they understand.

I'm excited about starting the internship, but a little scared. We'll see how it goes!

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This work thing is tiring. Or that could be because I've been getting up earlier? Either way, I'm pooped!

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It's all or nothing.

So I got the job.

Thinking about it just makes me feel all giddy! I know it's not exactly an amazing job, and the pay is rubbish, but it's a job. I will finally get to meet people and hopefully make friends, develop some sort of structure in my life, and do something productive. Plus, it's only 25 hours per week so I can hopefully find some translation work or something to do. It sucks that it takes an hour and 2 buses to get there, and it sucks that the hours are 1pm-6pm but I don't care. I had hoped it would be something like 9am-2pm or something, so that I'd get the rest of the day to myself. This way, I think I'd have to set off at 11:30am (on Wednesday it took an hour but I didn't have to wait for the first bus, and only waited 10 minutes if that for the 2nd) and then I'd need like an hour to get ready and have some food, so that doesn't leave me with a whole lot of time to do other stuff. Oh well, I don't want to complain. Apparently I'm starting on Friday (eek!) but I'm still waiting for them to email me the info.

I also had a phone call today from another school, about another job that I applied for, asking me to go in for an interview. I politely turned them down, saying I'd just accepted another job. Was that the right thing to do? I've never been in this sort of situation before! The job is pretty much the same, with the same hours per week and the same pay. Did I do the right thing? Oh well.

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I actually cannot answer any of the sample interview questions I've found, without going "Ummmmmmm" or getting stuck in the middle or swearing. Or all three.



My layout died so I'll have to make do with the plain version 'til I find a new one. I liked the old one :(
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Last night I watched this programme on TV about people who are unemployed and looking for jobs. Most of it was like the people I see at the Job Centre who don't really care and turn up late for their interview at Gregs, but a couple were people like me who've just left uni and are finding that the jobs they actually want don't seem to exist at the moment, and the employers say they're overqualified or not experienced enough for the crappy admin jobs. It kind of made me feel a bit better about myself. Basically, these people all felt like I feel, and that makes me feel a lot more normal and a lot less loserish. I need to keep reminding myself that I have a lot going for me. I have a Masters. I actually passed with Merit. And I got 70 and 68/90 for my Extended Translation texts. I can DO this, I just need to get myself out there and start sending letters to translation companies. I'm never going to get a job if I don't put myself out there.

It's easy to just write that, now I actually have to do it. That's the hard bit. I'm so scared I'm going to fail.

For now I'm going to drink my 3 mugs of coffee and crack on with my job applications.
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The last few days have been super busy. I spent what felt like a million days packing up my stuff and cleaning the house. Yesterday my Dad came to Leeds and drove me and all of my stuff home. It's weird to think that I will (probably) never live in Leeds ever again. I'm currently at home (my parents') until we can move into our flat in Sheffield. Our applications are still be being processed but hopefully we can move soon. It feels odd to be home. I have lots of work left to do, but it feels like I should be on holiday. I have my meetings with my supervisors tomorrow about my projects and I'm a bit worried 'cos I haven't done much and it's embarrassing. It also sucks that I will be spending 4 hours of my day on a train, but whatever.
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