Linus Dear LJ


I am getting sick of your lack of involvement. You always find someway now to boycott my family because "You only know my mother, or a couple of my cousins" and somehow that makes you feel uncomfortable. And thats bullshit that, that's the way you were raised. I dont fucking understand you, and you cant keep ditching me because you are uncomfortable. Thats not fucking fair, and not fucking cool. We are going to be with eachother for 11 months in a couple of hours, and you still act like a fucking kid. I want things to be lasting, and I want you to have a relationship with my family as well. I dont want to you have "on the side". Thats not what i fucking signed up for. All I am saying is, you better stop acting like a kid, and deal with it. If you dont ever want to go to a family function, or spend the holidays with me because my family is there, then maybe you should not be with me. I dont want that. I love you, yes, but you need to GIVE and not just TAKE as you have been doing for quite some time. I do not want to spend the holidays alone because you cant get over your insecurities with my family. Thats bullshit.
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