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And what it all comes down to [entries|friends|calendar]
is that everything's gonna be fine fine fine.

Cheerleading Is Life
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March 30th, 2005]
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March 28th, 2005]

[x]NEW growing active rating community
[x]Fun & original themes
[x] Boys & girls both welcome!

Come join ljs_cutest today!
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March 27th, 2005]
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March 27th, 2005]
New lj ohhowsherocksss

add it, then comment to be added. <33
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February 13th, 2005]
For those of you who don't already know..

Friends only...

comment to be added if you aren't already.

if you aren't added, all you'll see is this entry.
if you are added, you'll see other entries, so don't comment if you're added. And for those of you spammers out there, i'm kind of sick of all the posts taking up space, so if you want to promote, do it on this entry only. Anything else will be deleted. I'll still take time to read the promo's though... just in case there's something cool in there... thanks <333
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