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Time:05:12 pm
when i call at 2 in the morning, instead of being upset that i woke you up, you say you are so happy to hear my voice

you have always told me you love me, and i have always believed it

fucking passion

my family adores you and your mom adores me


you made my 21st birthday a 21st birthday

i don't know who i would be if it weren't for you

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Time:10:49 pm
i'm a little overwhlemed
it's 4 and i'm drunk, but this girl is throwing up and i couldn't leave her so she is passed out on the couch and i want to sleep but i can't unless someone is watching her
my roomate atre gone beauce i was suposed to meed back up with them, but she didn't know where she lived so she is here


i need someone to come home
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Subject:some afternoon wine
Time:10:29 am
so i am madly in love with the people i am here in buenos aires with
i would like to tell you why

alex: alex reminds me of my brother for some reason, except i really get along with alex. he is hilarious and the person i can be sarcastic and weird with and he finds it hilarious. he's always in a good mood and lots of fun and he's the person i share all my inappropriate secrets with. he has all these weird things he says that i have now started saying all the time.

brandon: brandon and alex are friends from home and could not be more different personality wise. brandon is incredibly quiet. does not drink or smoke, but still goes out with us all the time. the best thing about brandon is he will open a door for you and always make you walk ahead of him without trying to be one of those guys that does those things looking for recognition. he has the best habits ever and is so polite. it's unbelievable.

matt: ok so matt is too good looking to be as cool as he is. i remember first meeting him and thinking we would never get along because he would be cocky and blah blah blah. he is so hilarious and awesome though and he lets me slap his ass without finding it too weird. yay for being hot.

jon: oh jon...he's changed a lot over the last month, but he is the person i can talk to about relationship things because we seem to go have gone through the same shit recently. also really good looking and has his great southern accent. i feel like i will never fully understand him, but he's a blast to have around.

ryan: when i first met ryan i knew i would get along with him because he reminded me of my friends. he's really quiet, but really cool and provided me with my first kiss in argentina. i'm not really attracted to him, so we aren't getting into anything and i try to keep him from getting to drunk around me, but he is a sweetheart and plays lots of instruments and i love when he sings. that's ryan!

nick: nicholas is out of control. he knows this city too well and brings us to the most random places. he has a crazy story for everything and although he is not always my favorite person, he is really good to have around and makes me laugh so hard sometimes. he was my main source of entertainment on our last long bus ride. he's unlike anyone i have ever met and i have to give him credit for that.


marla: marla came pretty late in the game and definitely stood out for me at first as having a different personality from the rest of us. she's opened up a lot since then though and is growing on me.

halle: oh shiiiiit halle. i have met people before that i think have a similar personality to me, but halle takes the cake. we have the same weird moods and do the same things in those weird moods (sing annoyingly, make weird noises, meow), and when we hit a weird mood at the same time, all hell breaks loose. the is fucking hilarious and makes me laugh more than anyone here. i am soooooo happy i live with her.

avery: ohhhhh avery. avery is my mama and i don't think any words will do her justice. she has gotten me to do so many things here that i would have otherwise been too scared to do. if there was one person that is making this trip everything it is for me, it's her. she was the first person i met and we were alone in the apartment for a couple days which let us really bond. she makes me smile all the time and is the most positive person ever. she makes me feel good about myself and good about life and she is one person i know i will keep in contact with when we leave this place.

ok that's all for now
i never imagined such a different group of people would get along so well, but i can't imagine doing these things with anyone else
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Time:04:43 pm
So in about a month I leave for Buenos Aires for 4 months. I am just getting overwhelmed. Having never left North America I am just toally excited, but also terrified. I'm equally worried about wanting to leave a month into it and never wanting to come back here. I think the timing is perfect though. I need a break from Seattle (mostly just the school) and I need to do something really challenging to remind myself how much I can handle. I think I've just been in this slump for so long now that I have forgotten how much fun I can have. I miss my always crazy and fun (even if it's annoying) self. I'm fucking 21 and I should be haing nothing less than a blast. If going to another continent is what it takes, then god damn I am there.
I think I also need a distraction from the future. All of a sudden I'm like a year away from graduating college and I still have not figured out what I'm doing with my life. I don't have any huge thing I'm passionate about doing, and I am just hoping that leaving for 4 months will be as life-changing as I am expecting it to be. I have been coming up with goals for myself, and more than anything else I want to embrace this Argentine lifestyle of living everyday like it's my last. I want to have fun, I want to meet people, I want to spend all my money and not even care, and I want to come out of it feeling like a more experienced person. More than anything else, I want to do anything I feel like doing while I'm there, be incredibly selfish, and not be too scared to try anything. There are people I'll miss and I know it's going to be miserable to not see their faces or hug them for months, but I refuse to ruin my time there being sad about those who aren't there with me.
Everyone says "don't die, you're gonna get killed" blah blah blah, but to to be honest, if there was ever a time for me to die, I can't imagine a better way going that while I'm having the time of my life in Argentina. I also am pretty confident I'll be fine...but that's not the point.
On another note, I love being 21 (even if it means spending all my money on alcohol), I love eating, I love my friends and family, I love my boyfriend no matter how upset I get at him sometimes, and I love dogs. Dogs are the shit.
I also saw Cloverfield today and, to my surprise, I really liked it.
One last goal: I will get over this whole uncomfortable speaking Spanish thing...and the fact that I will have to speak it will really help.
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Time:10:21 am
i saw juno and ate at chipotle last night...then i watched love actually, a lot of crying

i really hope to go sledding when i get home
in my dream sledding adventure, the following people would be there:
any other fun people

i'm really tired and i can't wait to sleep in next week!!!!!
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Time:11:38 am
So in march i leave for argentina for 4 months. after talking to my spanish teacher about it today i am so GD excited i'm going to burst.
it's so nice having something big to look forward to

i am also sooooo excited for christmas break and to be home AND to turn 21

seriously...i'm going to be so happy

ok redo: it's weird being in a relationship that you know will have to end
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Time:11:32 am
i've been so bummed lately

i need to have some fun
LOTS of fun

aaaaand i can't wait to go home at christmas
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Time:11:25 am
i hate school
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Subject:sometimes i hate people
Time:09:31 am
attention mud bay customer that believes they know everything about dog/cat nutrition because they saw a 10 minute new segment on the recall:
you are stupid

when you come in and ask me what the best dog/cat food is and i tell you that it depends on the animal, do not look at me like i'm just saying that because i don't know anything. if there was one food that was the best for every dog or cat, why the hell would there be so many different options out there? you are an idiot

vegetarians-why the HELL are you forcing your dog or cat the be vegetarians just because you are? dogs and cats are carnivores and while we can survive without meat, it is soooo unhealthy to deprive your animal of it
you are massive hippie idiots

for people who come in asking "does this food have any of that china crap in it?"
well, it probably does
half the crap you are wearing is from china
the US cannot produce nearly enough of the ingredients needed to make the amount of food needed to feed all of the country's animals
also, those vitamins and minerals you need if you want your dog or cat to live as long as you want them to...yeah they are simply not able to be produce in this country's climate
so come home and throw some meat and rice in a pot and give it to your dog and feel like you're feeding them a healthy and safe homecooked meal, then come back in a year crying because they are dead
i hate to break it to you but dogs and cats need a lot more than meat and rice to live
suck my nuts

one more thing: when you get a dog or a cat and get all pissed off because it doesn't just sit there and look cute and do exactly what you want-you are an idiot

puppies piss and shit everywhere, cats scratch and pee
you have to train them and you have to know what you're doing
you stop getting furious at your animal for doing what it naturally does, you used to shit yourself too!
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Time:10:13 am
Main goal in life:
Convince Nick that he wants to move to Boston with me after school
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