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I had a rough day today,i had to go to the ER this morning.
I fell down some stairs :o\
i didn't land on my belly or anything,but my midwife wanted me to get checked out.
They a bunch of different tests on me to make sure i was okay,and i was.
They did an ultrasound as well,and all i can say is,if that last ultrasound didn't prove to be a girl,i know now, for sure it's a girl,lol
no doubt in my mind
very obvious girl parts.
she was sucking her thumb too,very cute :)

she also got the hiccups when they were monitoring me. I havn't felt her have those so far, until today.
Ethan used to get them all the time at the end of my pregnancy.

We got in last night at 1 in the morning. Driving from Ohio to Minnesota = not fun

I need to catch up on sleep so bad.

I'll write more about our trip a little later.
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