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June 9th, 2006 (08:17 pm)

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Andddd.... the simple colorization of the pic i found and used as the header:Collapse )
Yay or Nay?

And yep I used Zooey lol.

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January 3rd, 2006 (04:48 pm)

Who knew rain could be so much fun? Or mud for that matter?

Ivory and I finally spent sometime together. We did get into a small... disagreement I guess. But its okay now. I was/am jealous of how Malfoy gets to spend his time with her, and.. I don't. So we made up by getting in a mud fight outside in the rain. Yeah, of all ways to make up right ;)

which led to us making good use of the prefect bath tub...

I am avoiding Filch at all costs right now, for I'm sure he's not in the most pleasant of moods after having to clean up all the mud that was brought into the castle.

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December 30th, 2005 (12:56 pm)

Who knew being on the quidditch team woudl require so much work. Practice Practice and more practice.

between quidditch, being a prefect, and being a fifth year student worrying about owls, I hardly have time to spend with anyone.


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December 20th, 2005 (05:35 pm)

I am Gryffindor's Keeper! I made the team. So bite me, Draco, obviously I have more talent then you because I made the team without having to supply them with new brooms each year.

I spent some time with Hermione today, which was rather nice. Maybe next time I'll be fortunate to find both my friends at the same time and the three of us can hang out.

I have a lot of homework piling up. I guess I should have been keeping up with it better, but I hadn't. So tonight at Hermione's study group, I'll be doing just that - studying.

(no subject)

December 18th, 2005 (06:09 pm)

This year has been starting off to be a rather bore so far. Or if anything interesting is happening I'm missing it.

Quidditch tryouts tomorrow. Pretty soon I will be Gryffindor's new keeper!

Ivory and I spent some time together today sneaking out to hogsmeade to go to honeydukes which I really guess isn't anything new. Though I did have an awful dream that she and I broke up and she hated me. So seeing her today was comforting, to say the least.

(no subject)

December 15th, 2005 (04:26 pm)

Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts are Monday... thats what 4 days away? I'm getting more nervous as it comes near practicing a lot, quite confident that I will make the team.

I went to Hermione's study thing she organized, which was pretty much disasterous great. Except for the fact that I hate studying. And didn't want to study. So I just sat there staring at a book. But I went, thats what counts, right?

Its good having Ivory around my friends so I can spend time with both my girlfriend and my friends at the same time well except for the horribly awkward tension when it comes to Hermione and Ivory

So why is it, that when relationships form, friendships just, drift away? I mean, when was the last time Harry, Hermione, and I hung out - the three of us - and caused some sort of trouble - er saved some sort of trouble from happening?

I miss them.

(no subject)

December 12th, 2005 (07:56 pm)

Why do I always feel so clueless?

So... hmmm... so much to say and I'm not sure what to say. Sirius came over to the burrow the other day, mostly looking for Harry who was preoccupied with my sister, I'm sure and wanting some bangers and mash. It was nice talking with him even though I kind of accidentally admitted to him I had sex with Ivory. Who doesn't know?. The next thing I know I was working on my Potions essay which is ridiculas to have before class even started but whatever when Ivory comes in all upset saying I broke up with her. I didn't. Its a bit immature that a professor at Hogwarts is using Poly-juice to break up a couple of students. What kind of example is that. So we were broken up. I became what muggles call "Emo" and bugged Ginny, Viktor, and Sirius - anyone who would listen really.

The train ride was interesting, particularly the fight lecture of responsibilites in the Prefect car. Oh yeah, I'm a Prefect. i tried to spend some time with Hermione but Mandy stole her away and then after that Ginny and Harry found us. Not that I'm complaining at all. Because I'm not. She was upset because of something that happened between her and Viktor - and really, I was concerned. I feel like I never spend much time with her anymore... so sue me but I miss her.

Anyway, I eventually stopped being stubborn managed to steal away from Hermione, Harry, and Ginny and found Ivory. We talked. We're together again. All is well. But I hate Snape more than I've ever hated anyone or anything.

So anyway, I'm settled into Hogwarts now, getting used to being a Prefect, getting back into the swing of classes, and getting ready for Quidditch Tryouts.

Sirius is our DADA teacher this year which I am happy about - I just hope Bill is alright... Though, I'm sure he is... which is really great. Hah, once again Snape gets overlooked for the job. Funny he doesn't just get the hint and realize he will NEVER teach DADA.

(no subject)

December 10th, 2005 (09:48 am)

Man, things around here seem crazy all the time. I haven't even had time to hang out with Harry since he's been here. The otherday I went to Honeydukes with Fleur to talk about something or another that I won't write about here. I love Honeydukes, and Fleur is getting better at Apparating. Although, I don't think I'll ever get used to it. At all. After I got back from that Bill and I had another brotherly chat - we seem to have them daily now. But when he left me to go see Fleur someone, I snuck up to Fred's room and took some of his floo powder since mum and dad confiscated mine I was all out. So I went over to Ivory's and didn't get back to pretty late. Though, late as I got back, Bill still wasn't back either. I really don't know what it is about Ivory but I just can't get enough of her. When I'm not with her I can't stop thinking about her - when I am with her I can't stop kissing her...

The next day, when I finally dragged myself out of bed, I went looking for Hermione. She was reading still in Ginny's room which she really hadn't spent much time out of since she got here. I guess she didn't completely hate the interruption although you could have fooled me at first because we ended up going for a walk and talking about Hogwarts, school, this summer... I really have missed her, and spending time with her. I hope this means things are okay between us, because I hated how she was here but avoiding me. Apparently she paid Fred to torture me this summer, hah. Okay not really, but if she had she would have got her money's worth.

Ginny was pestering me later to go on a walk with her. so I lie, it wasn't so much pestering as her asking and I said okay, but you know.. It was a nice walk, though I have no idea where my sister's head is at right now oh yes I do, on Harry. She's really happy right now, and I'm glad - even if its making her a bit... spacy =P

That night Ivory came over. She does like my bed company. We were just laying down making out and.. well you know talking and we ended up falling asleep. She left before I woke up in the morning but it was nice to be able to hold her all night.

And now we come to yesterday... What do I say about yesterday? It was crazy, and really not in a good way.

Ivory came over crying because her parents died. I was trying to comfort her and Snape apparated into the house causing a big scene. It was awful. He's such a miserable git. Bella apparated here just in time, stopping him from putting the petrificus totalis on me. But that was strange in itself. Ivory and I grabbed some brooms from upstairs and snuck out to get as far away from Snape as possible. We just sat in the woods by a stream for a few hours until we thought it was safe before coming back home Ivory recieved some bad news, and she'll be staying with us here. As long as Snape leaves her alone

Ginny wanted to go to Diagon Alley for books, but Mum wouldn't let her go by herself. I was the only of the brothers home so I had to go. trust me, i didn't mind being allowed to leave the house. Though she got sick of me sulking so she told me to go walk around and look for Ivory. I did. But I didn't find Ivory. Luna though, ran directly into me. which amused me because thats exactly how Ivory and I really met, and a few hours later we kissed and then now she's my girlfriend. That was weird? uncomfortble? pleasant talking to her. I left and then as I was walking around I saw Ginny and Ivory but I got sidetracked I ducked into a store. I wanted them to get along, so I figure if they spent time together they would. After all, she's my girlfriend I want my family to like her. Bill ended up finding me. He had some bad news. Fleur left for France again. He's really broken up about it. I'm sure she'll return though, I can tell she's crazy about him. But he's hurting bad, I think..

Also yesterday, Viktor told me his mother died. I talked with Mum and Dad and they insisted he come and stay on the pull out couch in the den. No one should have to be alone during this. At the beginning of last year I was all amazed at him and his talent, by Christmas I was jealous of him and because of that he wasn't my favourite person, and now we're good friends. Funny, how things change

Long enough update? Yeah, I thought so too.

No more secrets...

December 7th, 2005 (05:43 pm)

This will probably be the one and only time you will ever hear me say that I wish school had started already. Not so fun at home since Snape had to tell Mum and Dad that Ivory and I... well... that he had to brew a potion to prevent her from being pregnant. What can I say, I'm anxious to try for the Quidditch team.

So the secret is out, Ivory and I are going out.



Okay so you over the shock now? Good. Because she's great and I'm happy. I wonder why we were making things so complicated... We had orignally thought we were going to keep it secret until we realized we really just... couldn't. But in all fairness, we only were going to keep it secret because we weren't sure how our friends would take it since they all don't exactly get along with each other. More like HATE. As in Draco hates us, and we hate him. And he's one of her best friends so well.. Yeah.. We didn't think he, or Harry, or Hermione would take it well... at all. But they surprised us and were okay with us together. Except Hermione. She didn't seem okay with it at all. She actually went into Ginny's room and slammed the door and hasn't spoken to me since.

Harry came in pretty late to the Burrow. After Hermione was already locked up in Ginny's room asleep. Not too long after he and I got settled in and went to sleep, so I didn't really spend much time catching up. But thats what today is for, I suppose.

Though I had a hard time sleeping with Hermione mad at me and my parents even more furious after what Snape said... so by time I fell asleep I slept in past breakfast. I woke up to a quiet house - mum must have taken them somewhere or something. I took it as perfect opportunity to practice for quidditch. So thats what I did most of today. I'm rather nervous confident about tryouts.

Well I'm going to go find Harry and Hermione, they are around her somewhere... that is if Harry isn't busy with Ginny and Hermione is even talking to me still... I guess if that doesn't work there's always Bill. if he's not somewhere with Fleur. Or hey, more flying practice for me.

You Need A Ron.


I'm exhausted... So ignore any typos

December 4th, 2005 (01:31 am)

I got all my books for class, thanks to Hermione for sending my the class list. Am I the only one not looking forward to this year? I mean we got our OWLS and everything :-/
Ran into Ivory Snear. Literally. Funny thing is a few hours later she kissed me. I kissed her back, but it surprised me...

Bill is back home from Egypt. In fact, for those who are slow, apparently my brother is the new DADA teacher. My brother is my teacher. Weird. And why in the world won't he go easy on me? I mean we are blood. Its a lost cause I know. Mum had given me his room when he left, but now that its home we're sharing and I'm not minding. Actually ever since he walked in on Ivory and I, we've really.. I dunno.. bonded? Its actually, surprisingly, rather nice... I couldn't talk like this with any of my other brothers... its really good to have him home.

Harry and Hermione, Mum wanted me to let both of you know that she wants you both here this week, at the burrow, for the week before class goes back. I'm sure you got an owl from her, but she told me to invite you too, because she said "maybe they listen to you" or something like that. I hope you both come!

Bill and I had a bet. That if he went two weeks without making a move on Fleur, I would have to ask Hermione on a date and admit that I might like her. He won't admit that he lost it, so we just called the bet off. I dunno. I knew I was right, and thats all I really wanted, and why have a stupid bet when relationships are involved. So the bet is off now...

Ginny has been a pain in the neck the last couple days trying to find out my secret - you know about me and Ivory. She thinks it has to do with Hermione, that I have a crush on her. Just like Bill, apparently they say its obvious. And a few weeks ago they were right, and now... well.. i dunno, things changed I guess. You're not supposed to like your best friend, anyway, right? Thats okay, I know a way to make her shut up just telling her I'm going to tell Harry about her crush on him.

Mum is rather mad at me. For being late all the time coming home, or missing dinner, and stuff. Ginny and Bill covered for me a couple times, but uh, she's still mad. I've been with Ivory - a lot. We went skinny dipping tonight. Then after I came back home I went back to her house again... Ivory and I.. we acutally... well.. had sex. I am rather... speechless about everything that happened. Still in disbeleif.

is it bad... I like Ivory, and she likes me, but we have a secret relationship that probably won't ever be public... and half the world still thinks I should be with Hermione because apparently i have an-oh-so-obvious crush on her, and who knows, maybe they are right. But for some crazy reason, I can't stop thinking about Ivory.

Ron Really Satisfies.


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