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naked barbies love me

w e l c o m e !

Hello! I make collages about my feelings and idolize dead silent movie auteurs.

I love meeting new people and making LJ friends.

strangers with candy is love

w h a t i l ♥ v e

I am unnaturally preoccupied with Strangers With Candy, which then leads to my completely healthy interest in Paul Dinello, Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris and all of their projects.

I also love: feminism, Hanson, Buster Keaton, the 90s, Kids in the Hall, The Daily Show, The Office, kitties, David Sedaris, Gone With the Wind, googly eyes, Futurama, Spongebob Squarepants, Fiona Apple, My Little Ponies, middle-aged homos and Wes Anderson movies among many other things.

what will today adventure's bring?

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