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but let us cultivate our garden.

The flesh is sad, Alas! and I've read all the books.

25 January 1985
(This is mostly friends-only now.)

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Basic Info:
anxiety-laden, introverted, dysthymic, misanthropic, academia and literature-loving, sexual, complicatedly submissive, "delightful," unsure, cynical, jaded, sarcastic, complex, etc. girl (i.e., monogamous hermit). My favorite book is Lolita, which may or may not tell you something about me. I like salty foods more than sweet ones, but chocolate covered pretzels are a tasty compromise. I assume that one day I will become the female version of the archetypal Bitter Old Man, but with plastic surgery. And I'm okay with that. I want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and have ever since reading Michael Crichton's book Travels. One day.

"When you are troubled about anything, you have forgotten this, that all things happen according to the universal nature; and forgotten this, that a man’s wrongful act is nothing to thee; and further you have forgotten this, that everything which happens, always happened so and will happen so, and now happens so everywhere; forgotten this too, how close is the kinship between a man and the whole human race, for it is a community, not of a little blood or seed, but of intelligence. And you have forgotten this too, that every man’s intelligence is a god, and is an efflux of the deity; and forgotten this, that nothing is a man’s own, but that his child and his body and his very soul came from the deity; forgotten this, that everything is opinion; and lastly you have forgotten that every man lives the present time only, and loses only this."
-Marcus Aurelius; XII 26

Julie Heffernan

(by Julie Heffernan)

academia, acupuncture, aesop rock, alice in wonderland, american beauty, amnesty international, ani difranco, anne sexton, annotations, art history, art libraries, art nouveau, artist's books, australia, bauhaus, bdsm, bhagavad gita, bjork, black holes, book arts, bpal, buddhism, calla lillies, calvin and hobbes, cats, chai, chicago, china, chinatown, chinese food, cloisonne, corsets, dali, daniel merriam, diane arbus, donnie darko, dorothy parker, dresden dolls, e. nesbit, e.t., einstein's dreams, elder scrolls, english, eyeliner, fashion, fear of flying, feminism, ferrets, free tibet, frida kahlo, garbage, glbtq, goth girls, graphic design, grilled cheese, gypsies, haruki murakami, hasidism, health food, hedwig-and-the-angry-inch, hinduism, honeysuckle, india, indian food, ireland, israel, jeanette winterson, jon stewart, judaism, julie heffernan, julie taymor, katamari damacy, kate chopin, kathleen hanna, kids in the hall, kink, kissing, lewis black, libraries, lilo and stitch, literary criticism, literature, liz phair, lolita, long novels, lost in translation, love, lowbrow, m. c. escher, macaroni and cheese, madness, making out, manatees, marya hornbacher, mlis, morrowind, mst3k, museum studies, museums, mysticism, mythology, natural history museums, new orleans, nyan nyan nyanko, office space, older men, oriental medicine, oscar wilde, peter murphy's exquisite head, picasso, pirates, poe, polka dots, pop surrealism, porn, postsecret, quantum theory, queer, reading, saic, san-x, secretary, sex, shirley manson, smell of old books, smelling old books, submission, surrealism, sylvia plath, taoism, tattoos, the bell jar, the big lebowski, the daily show, the onion, the virgin suicides, tibetan buddhism, tom waits, tori amos, transgender, travel, typography, used bookstores, vladimir nabokov