Michelle (i_broke_it_) wrote,


I have not written in awhile. I've been trying to keep a journal/scrapbook/art journal thingy, which I find easier to write in than both a normal journal and my LJ. Through that I've gotten interested in art journaling and mixed-media collages, which is similar to the painting/scrapbooking interests my friend Julia has, so we've started hanging out and doing art projects together. Ashby used to journal more, and he's resolved to start again. We're planning on collaborating on something, not sure what yet.

I have a new job. The furniture store I was working at didn't need more than 3 people, so they kept me on payroll but told me I wouldn't be scheduled for awhile. So I got a job at a small restaurant. It's been pretty good so far. Hours aren't bad, people seem cool, and I should be getting more evening waitress and bar training once I've been there awhile and the warmer weather starts up again.

Beyond that, I've just been laying back. Rock climbing, hanging out with friends, applying to library programs. Not sure when I'll start hearing back. Hopefully before too long.

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