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In France...

... with the Internets sooner than I thought.

Goat cheese is still yummy.

Air France lied about the front row on the checking. Ended up having to tell buddy in front of me to not try to break my kneecaps why trying to push back his seat. Sorry pal I did my best to seat were you are. And I'm taller.

A long line at the passport control. WTF? And they still don't fingerprint US citizen. Hello Europe ! Reciprocity !

Watched an airplane movie: Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis. I found it hilarious, but you need to be French to understand, even with the English dubbing.

More to come.

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I'm back from Montreal. Lot of fun have be had. Some new places discovered. Damn, I miss so much that city.

Sunday we had a shoot with models in an urban-decay set. It was a lot of fun. Will post pictures ASAP.
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