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Wednesday we watched Jersey Girl, a chick flick by Kevin Smith. Hey Kevin, when will you make a sci-fi flick?

Thursday, it was Batman and Robin, clearly not the best batman. I don't know why but I found the begining quite flat. And George Clooney, clearly not working.

Today, another chick flick: The Terminator. Just kidding for the chick flick part. It is a rewatch, but the first time I see it on DVD, and in English. A classic.

Now back to the second part of the Friday the 13th marathon on MPix.

Movie watch...

Today we watched Saw V. And all I can say is that the sixth installment is in production.

Last Sunday I pulled the DVD of Dark City out of the stash when they started playing it on TV, because it is better that way. I still dislike the fact they spoil the whole plot in the introduction. Stupid movie studios that treat their audience like retards (the director disagreed with that spoiler).

Also on February 2nd, was the traditional Goundhog Day re-watch.

May the force be with you

Something I hadn't done in a while. We watched the whole Star Wars trilogy since I have finally acquired the DVD.

Star Wars IV: A New Hope

The Empire Strikes Back

The Return of the Jedi

Some notes:
The movies haven't really aged. Not as much as other Sci-Fi movies. I haven't seen Episode II and III. The prequel trilogy is actually not as good as the original trilogy (IMDB rating shows it for episode I and II).

Also that makes me want to setup a Star Wars RPG campaign. For that I have to figure whether I use the D6 rules (eBay shopping for more material) or the WotC/d20 rules (from the review I have read they are not that bad).

The Bourne trilogy

Today, with all the rain, we ended up watching the Bourne trilogy:

The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne Ultimatum

All three together, very good action flick with spies, car chase, fights and everything else you'd expect. All adapted from the Robert Ludlum novels of the same name.

It is actually a re-watch for me as I already had seen them (albeit Ultimatum only in full-screen, yuck!)

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We watched American Beauty. I was meant to watch this movie for years.
Kevin Spacey is hilarious in the role of the average middle-class american, Annette Bening, his wife, is very tyrannic, and Thora Birch, his daughter, is.... Etc. Very entertaining.