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Holiday game?

Repost from ottawarpg because I must do something during my vacations:

I'm sure that during these holiday you are missing players or GM/DM for your usual game.

I would like to run a Sci-Fi campaign. Not necessarily long but benefiting from the availability to get "new" players.

The setting would be intergalactic empire in the neighborhood of Star Wars, Star Trek, Foundation, etc for the technology level. I would use the Star Wars WEG 2nd edition (D6)

My schedule is pretty flexible for the holidays.

Any volunteer?

I'm also open to other suggestion (including being a player in any other settings).

May the force be with you

Something I hadn't done in a while. We watched the whole Star Wars trilogy since I have finally acquired the DVD.

Star Wars IV: A New Hope

The Empire Strikes Back

The Return of the Jedi

Some notes:
The movies haven't really aged. Not as much as other Sci-Fi movies. I haven't seen Episode II and III. The prequel trilogy is actually not as good as the original trilogy (IMDB rating shows it for episode I and II).

Also that makes me want to setup a Star Wars RPG campaign. For that I have to figure whether I use the D6 rules (eBay shopping for more material) or the WotC/d20 rules (from the review I have read they are not that bad).

Gaming hiatus

I think that my gaming hiatus is really over.

Joined Board Game Geek.

Joined nearbygamers.com (this website freakin slow).

Bought D&D 3.5 to have at least material to be able to DM a campaign at one point. Believe it or not, in the 80's or 90's I barely played D&D, but more other roleplaying games, and actually never bought AD&D.... (before it became D&D). I think I once had a bad experience with one DM. Otherwise I was the GM for Runequest and a bit of Star Wars (the WEG D6 version).

Resumed started a new fortnightly D&D campaign with metawidget, rottenfruit, thebabynancy and a few other that are not here on LJ.

I'm not set yet on the campaign settings, nor when. But that would be in addition to the above game.
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I forgot how hilarious Dork Tower was (by muskrat_john). I remember reading it in a RPG magazine in France, a very long time ago (they didn't have a website yet, and now their former website is a porn/spam squat).
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