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Desjardins still...

So I thought I would be completely done with Desjardins, but no. Back in November 2005 when I moved in in the hell-house I had to acquire appliances. So I bought a fridge and a stove and got financing for 12 month no interests. The mistake was that store, that I don't recommend either, makes use of Desjardins Accord D for financing.

For those who don't know, Caisses Populaires Desjardins is a very "popular" credit union in Quebec.

And here start the problems. First of all, when applying for credit I give all the information, including the old address because I move in. I make an appointement for delivery, and voila. I thought I was settled but no.

- Desjardins had decided that they were unable to locate me in their file, declining me credit. Oh no, not yet again their bullshit. I call them, get put on hold, and when I get somebody in the phone, I end up sorting that out. They cross back with a credit card #. Note that the other store where I bought the laundry appliances didn't have any problem finding me based on the same information.

- Of course said store gave away my delivery slot and I had to wait one more week for a fridge and a stove. Mind you even storing the beer outside was not a good idea as it was freezing and then snowing.

- Now it comes the time to pay them back, I try to do it with online banking. And it does not work. Calling my bank (I left Desjardins back in early 2005, that was a very bad recommendation from start to go with them), they tell me that these specific charge cards CAN NOT be paid with the online banking system, because it is not Desjardins. Yes, they make it hard to give them money, maybe because they prefer to collect interests instead of having dead meat. I have to go in a Desjardins branch... or cut them a cheque. Hello ! it is the 21st century...

All I can say, is that I recommend people to stay away from Accord D Desjardins...

To be continued...

(this post is public, because the truth is there)
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Time for more rant: Desjardins

Maybe some people remember how I ranted about Caisse Populaire Desjardins being racist, scammers, and unreliable. This is really the cherry on top:

Phone call from Desjardins: "allo, I would like to know, if as a customer, you are happy with our services". Yeah, sure, I closed my account in April. If you are still a customer of Desjardins, quit them now...

They amazed me one last time....

Do you think your money is safe in the bank ? I'd bet no.

La Caisse Populaire Desjardins amazed me one last time today. I went there to close my account because they are just dumb (insert my previous rant), and after waiting 30 minutes, the lady as the desk, that was busy with that customer since before I went there, asked me what I wanted. I say "I want to close my account". She asked for the ATM card, swipe it in the machine, hold me a paper that I have to sign and give me the cash. No ID, no question, no PIN.

Guess what ? This could have been a stolen card.

In fact, your money is safe because it is the bank's fault.

money freezing

So a week ago I deposited, at the closest ATM, a somewhat big cheque, as a reimbursement of some hospital stay. This morning, I go to the ATM to withdraw some money, and get denied the withdrawal.

I called my bank. 10 minutes and 3 attemtps to get someone to talk. First attempt after being on hold sent me to some voice mail. Second attempt sent me to some busy signal. Hang up and tried again and got someone to talk to.

So it appears that my bank has some "security" measure to piss off customer. Deposit a big cheque (over $2000) in an ATM that is not from your branch, and not only they freeze the cheque value for 7 business days (that is the case everywhere, and even if 7 days is quite long, I somewhat understand that they need to verify to cash the cheque, etc), but as a protection they also freeze the amount of the cheque in the money you already have on your account, for the same duration. That, I don't understand at all. They claim it is to protect from fake deposit: someone steal your ATM card with the PIN, do a fake deposit, then withdraw that money. But I don't understand where the protection is as with the ATM card + PIN code you can withdraw the money already in the account... ($500 max, up to $1000 a day, within the available money) and pay purchase using Interac.

They definitely lost me...
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Is my bank segregationist ?

I'm asking myself if my bank, Caisse Populaire Desjardins is segregationist. They claim to treat any of their "member" (i.e. customer, but that is the official wording) equally. But I can't get a credit card from their VISA branch because I'm not a permanent resident in Canada (despite my credit history being currently OK). They claim that I'd get it with permanent residency. That is really unfair, because there is not much reason I'd not pay the bills. In fact, I can get a $500 credit card if I give them $500. But that is no longer credit card; that is prepaid debit card. When it comes to debit card, because of the first claim, they can't make me zero fee on using it, as a compensation for their inequal policy, in the name of treating all the customers equally.... B.S.
All this came out of the mouth of the vice-director of the branch.

In short, I'm looking for a good bank in Montreal, that provide free internet banking, that could provide me free debit card use, and of course would allow me to have a VISA or MasterCard. I'd transfer all the assets there.
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