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hopelesfailure_'s Journal

Jakey Jake
17 August
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Art is meant to be seen
Not felt, not heard, its just paint, they're just words.

"emo", a.f.i., afi, against me!, alcohol, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, anime, anti-flag, aohk, arcade games, awesome things, bahnyo, blah, bob marley, brandon lee, caffeine, casino, chinese takeout, coheed and cambria, cotten candy, cowboy bebop, dashboard confessional, dodgeball, drawing, driving, edward scissor hands, electric six, emo, family guy, four-square, futurama, good movies, green day, guitar, gum, h2o, harry potter, home movies, horror movies, hot tubs, ice cream, incense, indiana jones, intrests lists, invader zim, jackass, jimmy eat world, johnny b, jonny depp, kevin james, kill bill, kill hannah, kissing, less than jake, long intrests lists, looking at the stars, lord of the rings, lostprophets, mah, making out, marcy playground, maroon 5, meh, misfits, moogles, movies, mr.jazak, music, my friends, naked people, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, nofx, noise, offspring, oi!, panera, peircings, penny arcade, pessimists, pinball, pink floyd, pirates of the carribean, pointing at random people, punk, punk rock, quidditch, rainy days, rock, sealab 2021, sex, sitting, sitting on random people, smashing pumpkins, sonic the hedgehog, staring at random people, static-x, stewie, sugarcult, sunshine in the morning, sushi, swimming, system of a down, taking back sunday, tattoos, tennis, the adicts, the ataris, the bank, the brittains, the casualties, the clash, the crow, the darkness, the domianuses, the misfits, the oblongs, the offspring, the used, the weasleys, viva la bam, vodka, water, wildboyz, yellowcard, zelda